Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fallen by Lauren Kate ~ Movie News

The Fallen series by Lauren Kate is to be made into a film! 


Lauren Kate provides an inside scoop on the movie.

Lauren Kate lets us all in on her Top 5 Set Surprises.

The casting is official and the movie is currently being filmed!

Let us know your thoughts below!

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(Fan-made trailer above)


  1. Looking forward to this movie hopefully it will get made in a timely manner. It seems as though I've been waiting for TMI for ages.
    I really want to see who gets cast!

    1. Well you probably already know this by now but there is a movie for TMI and lilly collins and jamie cambell bower have been cast as the leads and everybody else has been cast to and I recommend a website caleed TMISOURCE.COM

  2. I adore these books, so I am both really excited to see them as movies, and totally worried they're going to be completely horrible. I'm hoping that they turn out well!!

  3. Oh I can't wait to see this movie I loved the books and am excited to see them play out on the big screen !

  4. I cant wait for the movie to come out im addicted to the fallen series im confused though people say that it is coming out in 2012 well theres no offocal casting list ,no offical trailer and its 2013 and no movie yet so im confused ?

  5. that is one bad-ass, and everything covered in awesome-ness trailer!!


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