Saturday 11 August 2012

Silence is Golden ~ Speechless by Hannah Harrington Review

By Hannah Harrington

Rating: 4.3

Silence is golden...or so they say. 

But there isn't anything golden behind Chelsea's vow of silence. In fact, the truth is as black and dappled with purple as Noah's healing bruise. 

Chelsea swore herself to silence when her curiosity, need to fit in and please - and not mention her loud mouth - got Noah into serious trouble, landing him in hospital. 

But silence is hard to keep when everyone has their own versions on what happened, and some choice-names to say about you behind your well as to your face. 

Chelsea finds herself alone, and those who she thought were friends abandon her to save face.

Then she meets Asha and Sam - two fellow students who she had seen but never met. 

One, Asha, her detention buddy and the Knitter of Scarves. 
The second, Sam, her art project partner and the King of Tuna Melts. 

Regardless of her past and considerate of her vow, the two become her friends even though neither of them has heard her speak and not a word escapes her lips. Together they help her recover, stand by her during some serious bullying and also help her understand that it's ok to hate. 

Hate is easy. But is harder. 

Can Chelsea face what she did that night? What does she achieve from her vow? And more importantly, can she find a way to make everything work?

My thoughts on the book:

I loved this book. 

At the beginning, I detested Chelsea's character - so fake, so 'foundation, lipgloss and Pradas'. 

But with her vow came a deeper understanding of human suffering. Not to mention the consequences of doing the right thing as well as doing something that doesn't seem harmful, but turns out to lead to disastrous repercussions. Sam made me melt as fast as his famous tuna melts, and Asha was such a cutie...and she really is the square root of awesome!

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