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20/7/13 ~ Fangirl Lesson #3: Non-Canon OTPs - How To Ship & How To Cope.

I was scrolling through a rather gorgeous thing known as Tumblr the other day and was inspired by the amount of Non-Canon OTP Shipping. For those who do not know what these terms mean, here are some definitions:

Canon: Another word for official. Basically, a 'canon' pairing for the Harry Potter series is Hermione and Ron.
Non-canon: Another word for fanfiction. A 'non-canon' pairing for the Harry Potter series would be Draco and Hermione. This exists only in certain people's dreams.
OTP: One True Pairing. Your favorite combination of characters in a fandom. The Harry Potter series has heaps of pairings but Hermione and Ron are your OTP.
Shipping: Pairing characters together. You want them together. And you will ship them for the rest of your life.

But, as today's lesson will cover...

What do you do if your OTP is NON-CANON? 

Obviously, the author has refused to answer any of your obsessive fan-mail, and will not be correcting their story anytime soon.

Here are some STEPS to help you with dealing with this:



Welcome to the home of Non-Canon shipping. Here, bookworms on a daily basis cry over the fact that authors have once again been cruel, horrible heartbreakers and have forever cut off one of the many 'teams' we as bookworms associate ourselves with (*cough* Unearthly series *cough*). And you know what Goodreads shows us fangirls?


Rant about your favourite pairing! Make discussion posts! Cry with others! People in real life may see you as weird, but your fellow bookworms understand you and the pain you're feeling.


Hel-lo heaven!

In case you have not yet discovered this little beauty, FanFiction is going to be your life for the rest of eternity. Did your OTP just break up? Did the author just kill off one of them? Will they NEVER BE TOGETHER?!

Well, here on FanFiction, your OTP exist. They are together. Other obsessed fangirls with no life time on their hands have created stories that will help ease the hollow ache inside. I recommend taking a look at the rating of the fanfiction you're selecting before reading it!

For those that have read any of the following: Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, the Unearthly series, Maximum Ride...READ FANFICTION.

Not that I am obsessed...but if you wanted a different ending to the last book in the Unearthly series: ;)

Here is a list of books which have fanfictions written about them to get you started. Have fun!

#3: CRY

Let it out.

Here - have a Kleenex *passes box*

Do not be ashamed of the tears you weep. Stay strong and remember - though your OTP may not belong together in their tales...they are together in your heart. <3


Get your pens out! Open your web browser!

And introduce yourself to something called DEVIANTART! The home of fandoms everywhere. The place where you can see your non-canon OTP together. Or you can even contribute and draw them together!

For anyone who is up to date with The Vampire is something to help you cry:http://lady-valentine-art.deviantart....

Deviantart is a place to advertise your OTP 'till your heart's content :)


Never sail alone!

#6: Repeat Steps


And know what? Just KEEP SHIPPING THEM.

So what if they aren't really together?!

It's your life.

Ship them with all your fangirl heart!

(A little parting gift... :))


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  2. Hello! I found your blog recently. I'm a huge fan of YA fiction and a YA writer myself. I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I have a writing blog, too, and I thought you might enjoy this particular entry I wrote where I said some positive things about fanfiction, especially given your stance on it :-) Anyway - nice to meet you! (I followed you on Tumblr - raincoatedlover is my name) I'm adding you on Goodreads, too :-) - Sara


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