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The Beautiful Bloggers Tag ~ Day 6: Kristen Williams

Welcome to the Beautiful Bloggers tag

This a blog tag dedicated to bloggers who have beautiful blogs and beautiful hearts. They're bloggers who are genuinely passionate about blogging and interact in a thoughtful manner with their followers and fellow bloggers. The tag is all about getting to know them and their blogs better.

Today's blogger is Kristen Williams

Kristen typically prefers books with a sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, paranormal or horror twists, and really enjoys historical fiction and steampunk as well. She runs the My Friends Are Fiction blog which reviews YA fiction.

I got the chance to have a fun chat with Kristen and to learn more about her and her amazing blog. Check out the interview below!

The Interview

1) Describe your blog for us. How did you start it up and come up with its title?   

I'd been told by friends and family that I should start a blog about all the books I was always reading. I pushed back at the idea for a while because it seemed like SO MUCH WORK. But, eventually I came around to the idea more and more. I had zero knowledge of the community or book world. I figured I'd start my blog and it would help me get out all those thoughts no one else around me wanted to hear about! One night when I was trying to fall asleep the name, My Friends Are Fictional hit me. I got up and told my husband who immediately suggested- My Friends Are Fiction. We bought the domain and a template and my blog was born.      

2) What are three interesting facts about you?   

I really have no clue so I've asked my husband. *silence*  

   1. I used to want to be a marine biologist. This was a fascination of mine that started in 3rd grade (Jaws made me SO interested in learning everything about great white sharks). I even applied to colleges with a focus in marine biology but didn't get a scholarship so let that dream slide. Well, years and years later I went to Hawaii. This was the perfect chance for me to get up close and personal to some of the marine life I'd admired for so many years. It turned out that I have an INSANE fear of open water. I was completely traumatized and don't really ever desire to be out again.  

   2. I met my husband at an anime company we both worked at.  

   3. I actually think jumping spiders are adorable. I hate other spiders but jumping spiders remind me of cats. 

3) What do you love most about blogging?   

That's easy- the community! I never expected my hobby of reading to lead me to so many amazing friends. My blog has been one of the best things I've ever done and meeting this community has made every bit of work so worth it.

4) What has been the best moment of your blogging career so far?   

I think one of the best moments was when Sarah J Maas was so excited to meet my husband and I at one of her signings. I brought her the Lego Crown of Midnight print and she was so excited.  

She was the first author I ever gifted the Lego art to in person and it was an amazing experience. Wow, I keep thinking of more and more moments that have been so special. 

5) What makes a book beautiful to you?   

I think the writing style really sets a book apart as being beautiful to me. The Winner's Curse will forever be one of my favorite books because of how beautiful Marie's writing is. 

6) If you were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, what would be your basic game plan for survival?   


7) Which book character would you pick as a date?   

One of my biggest book crushes is Raffe from Angelfall. I'm not sure how he'd be as a date though. He would help out in the above question though!       

8) Which book character have you related to the most?   

Honestly, the first character I really related to in the YA realm was Katniss from The Hunger Games (the books not the movies as much) I connected with the way she thought and made decisions.  

9) If you could act in a movie adaptation of any book, what book would it be and what character would you be cast as?   

This is SO difficult because I have zero acting ability so I'd be likely to ruin the movie! Assuming I magically had the ability to act...I'll say Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake and I'd want to be Anna. 

10) If you could say anything to the people out there who follow your blog, what would it be?   

THANK YOU. And then - what are you reading? 

A big thank you to Kristen for collaborating with me on this post!

Don't forget that you can connect with Kristen via her: 

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Have you discovered a new blog to add to your list? Do you have one to nominate for this tag? 

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