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The Beautiful Bloggers Tag ~ Day 12: Elicia Cheah

Welcome to the Beautiful Bloggers tag

This a blog tag dedicated to bloggers who have beautiful blogs and beautiful hearts. They're bloggers who are genuinely passionate about blogging and interact in a thoughtful manner with their followers and fellow bloggers. The tag is all about getting to know them and their blogs better.

Today's blogger is Elicia Cheah

Elicia is a breather of words, a creator of stories, and a quote hoarder. If you stick her in a bookstore, she won't come out until a week later after she's done surveying each and every title on the shelves. She runs the Girl in the Woods Reviews. The blog focuses on YA/NA books.

I got the chance to have a fun chat with Elicia and to learn more about her and her amazing blog. Check out the interview below!

The Interview

1) Describe your blog for us. How did you start it up and come up with its title?   

My blog is basically a space for me talk about books I've read and also feature upcoming books I can't wait to read. The funny thing is, I'm not original founder of this blog. This blog was actually founded by my friend and ex-co-blogger Chloe. We worked together for a while (Chloe did most of the designing) and then it was only me being in charge of the blog and everything. As for the title, when I'd asked Chloe, she said that it was because it sounded cool and different.

2) What are three interesting facts about you?   

   1. I'm from Malaysia.

   2. I can speak 4 languages (English, Chinese, Malay and French). 

   3. I want to be a veterinarian in the future.

3) What do you love most about blogging?   

Meeting new people and being in the blogging community. It's been so rewarding to know people that share the same interests as me. Some of the friends I've made are ones I still talk to sometime. The best part is definitely fangirling with these people and the fact that we can understand each other's feelings when other people just can't relate to our feelings.

4) What has been the best moment of your blogging career so far?   

Interviewing authors such as Lauren Oliver, Dan Wells, Danielle Jensen and more. It's so good to get to know more about the authors who write such incredible books.

5) What makes a book beautiful to you?   

The story, characters, the fact that they can make you FEEL something even they they're just ink on paper. Sometimes I just find myself marvelling at the amount of magic a book actually contains.

6) If you were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, what would be your basic game plan for survival?   

Eat the zombies before they eat you (as long as I don't get sick, of course)

7) Which book character would you pick as a date?   

GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WHY? DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE. ONLY ONE? Ok, this must be a trick or something, so I'm definitely not going to list one. Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars, Park Sheridan from Eleanor and Park or Prince Maxon from The Selection Series. Any of those three would be good.   

8) Which book character have you related to the most?   

Cath from Fangirl, I just recently moved to Melbourne from Malaysia to start college and it was a huge move for me as well, since it was my first time living alone in a foreign place. I understand how Cath feels, being a stranger and anxious in a place I don't understand. Oh yeah, and we turn to writing and reading for comfort (but I don't write fanfiction).

9) If you could act in a movie adaptation of any book, what book would it be and what character would you be cast as?   

I'm terrible at acting, but I would want to act in an adaptation of The Selection. I would probably be cast as one of the girls that get eliminated in the first round (I already forgot some of their names, oops).

10) If you could say anything to the people out there who follow your blog, what would it be?   

Thank you so much for supporting the blog and being patient with me when I go on long hiatuses without any feedback. You've been such great followers and thank you for always reading my blog posts (even if they can be unbearably long to read) and commenting on them. You guys are such wonderful people and I want to know more about you. And I know that I haven't been blogging since the start of this year because I've been going through some rough times. I want to get back to blogging soon so I can tell you all I've been doing the whole year plus some of the books I've read too. I love you guys.

A big thank you to Elicia for collaborating with me on this post!

Don't forget that you can connect with Elicia via her: 

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Have you discovered a new blog to add to your list? Do you have one to nominate for this tag? 

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