About Me

Bookworm. YA & NA blogger. Music addict. Relatively human.

Booknut is a bookworm of the highest degree, OCD about books and jilting Mr Darcy for Will Herondale. 

When not sitting glued to her computer screen, she is prone to fervent book obsessing sessions, daydreaming and has a bit of a personality crisis. 

Spends days reading, sleeping, writing random short stories, or watching Austen movies for the hundredth time.

She loves her bookshelf - though she would love to trade it in for a Beauty and the Beast-esque library! - her computer, her friends and her followers. Loves anything to do with the fantasy world, would like to live in it and is open to any author requests for book reviews.

Hopes to one day publish one of her many unfinished stories, but in the meantime is happily munching away on Snickers bars waiting for fae to come knocking at her front door.

More about Booknut

Learn more about Booknut and her blog in her interviews!

Interview conducted by YA romance comedy author Tellulah Darling here
Interview conducted by book blogger and reviewer Library Luv here

Praise for Booknut's reviews

"I saw (the) review on Goodreads from The BookNut (aka 21st Century Once Upon A Times) and the whole day was fantastically better." 
~ K.R. Conway, author of Undertow

"One of my favorite things about being an author is meeting super cool bloggers. Booknut 101 is one of my faves. She is a great writer who gives thoughtful, insightful and passionate reviews." 
~ Louise Rozett, author of the Confessions series  

"The review (...) was beautifully crafted & one can tell that Booknut is a talented wordsmith & reviewer who will one day, most likely, forge her own career from ink, paper and iPads. Booknut has both a layered and polished writing style. Brilliant." 
~ Cheryse Durrant, author of The Blood She Betrayed 

**Regarding contacting me for review requests** 

Please go through the review request submission process over on my Review Policy page.

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