Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Inheritance - A Quick Relatively Spoiler-Free Review

I'm content. I could get abducted by Fae tomorrow (hopefully Ash - that would make it much more worthwhile!) and have lived fully, having finished the last book of the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. It was...magical (yeah, no pun intended) and fulfilled my high expectations. It may have been a little sad (no sprinklers, but still) but it really shone a light on what makes this series so spectacular and I think Christopher has done a wonderful and praise-worthy job of finishing Eragon's journey.   

Eragon is just how we remember him - quick-thinking, a little unsure, love-sick (Arya is quite the tormentor!) and overall loyal to the cause of ridding the land of the Big G (great name, right? Like how you have rapper names, Galbatorix can be Big G...anyways....) and of evil. 
But it isn't as easy as it seems. Allies are few, Glader is still locked inside his Eldunari, Murtagh is still alive and powerful (and did I mention very, very goodlooking?) and Eragon is hopelessly underprepared for the battle ahead.

A few hints for what's to come:
  • More Angela ( I love Angela - without her the story would lack a certain spark)
  • Roran fights in more battles
  • Eldunari play an important part
  • Murtagh plays an important part
  • The green egg - does it hatch?
  • The reason to why Galbatorix is really so powerful
  • Nasuada finds love (Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved just started playing in my head....darn internal CD player!)
  • Vault of Souls...need I say more?
  • Think back to Angela's prophecy and then think of any unexplainable events that have occurred throughout the series
  • Totally epic awesomeness
Now...I was going to rate it a 5, BUT - I was a little sad about the ending. It left so much unanswered, but I can understand the difficulties (e.g. audience interest, length, etc.). Hopefully, one day, we'll hear more about Angela and her past. 

Until then, Atra esterní ono thelduin. Mor'ranr lífa unin hjarta onr. Un du evarínya ono varda. 
(May good fortune rule over you. Peace live in your heart. And the stars watch over you.)

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New - Juliet Immortal + Iron Knight GIVEAWAY!

If you're one of those people who never finds time to read those much-coveted books, than here is my after-xmas chance for you to win either JUILET IMMORTAL or IRON KNIGHT - both of which are fabulous reads!

How to enter:
  1. Post a comment with:
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Good luck to everyone!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Yay! I'm finally free of all restrictions and ready to read Iron Knight! Wish me luck as I take off on a journey to discover Ash and Meghan's fate!

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Big Thanks to Janina of Synchronised Reading Blog!

Big announcement - I was one of the winners of Janina's wonderful Thanksgiving giveaway, winning Keri Arthur Dark Angels series, Julie Kagawa Iron Fey series (including the much-anticipated IRON KNIGHT) and  Juliet Immortal!! I'm SO happy! A big thanks to Janina for hosting the giveaway and a big virtual squeal *SQUEAL* for IRON KNIGHT!!

Let's hear it for Team Ash!!!!!!

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Final Winners: 


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Hunger Games Comics!! NEW!

Check out NEW Hunger Games comics in the Hunger Games Discussion Forum (Scroll down , on the left). Don't forget to comment!

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Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices Comics!! NEW!

Check out some NEW comics in the Mortal Instruments Discussion Forum (Scroll down, on left)!!


Better be quick! Our UNEARTHLY giveaway is being extended for ONE MORE DAY for the LAST copy to be given away! The winners of the other two are:


Thanks to both of you for entering and I hope you enjoy the book! As for the rest of you hurry up and sign up for the LAST copy now!


Hunger Games 2012 Official Trailer!!

I put the video above (at the top of the page) but, if for some reason this blog decides to have a hissy fit, the link to the trailer is here. Don't forget to leave a comment/s either below or on the Hunger Games forum discussion page! (scroll down, to the left). Love you all!

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Quick Picks ~ The Betrayal by Mayandree Michel

The Betrayal 
By Mayandree Michel


A girl dreams about a mysterious man getting struck down by lightening...but the funny thing is, she could have sworn it came from her not at her. 

As it turns out, Cordelia (otherwise known as Delia) is actually in the wrong time and place. She belongs in the 1800s.

And it just gets weirder.

Discovering that she is, in fact, a descendant of Zeus, Delia must come to terms with the face that she has a whole past she can't remember anything about. 

But the gods need her to battle Hades. It is her destiny...a destiny, however, that can only take place once her memory returns. 

Cordelia can't help but wonder - what is stopping her memory from returning? Fear of her destiny...or fear of becoming the person she used to be?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

WIN! Want to read 'Unearthly' by Cynthia Hand? November GIVEAWAY!

For those who like competition or for those who genuinely would like to read Cynthia's enthralling novel 'Unearthly' here's a chance to grab your own PDF version for free! Three copies up for grabs!!

How to enter:
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Giveaway ends November 20th so post a comment NOW to win! Quick, before my giving streak decides to hibernate!

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I Wish to Ramble and Therefore I Will On...Gemma Doyle.

Rambling time! I desperately need a vent for my main source of frustration...The Gemma Doyle Trilogy.

Now it may have been an ENTIRE YEAR since I finished reading the series (I did warn readers I have a slightly obsessive streak right?!) but I still can't get over the ending!! For those who don't know what I'm talking about please stop reading, go back home, burn your copies and then....then...you may join my tearfest. (N:B This is a great series (REALLY!) but it gets on my nerves...the THIRD book, that is. Stop at the second and you'll be fine.)

1.) Why on Earth do you create characters like Kartik (who are handsome, charismatic, smart, loyal and did I mention hot?) just for them to TURN INTO TREES?!! For pity's sake, why?!

2.) Why bother creating such a beautiful romance between two characters if one turns into a tree and the other leaves forever on a ship with no one to be an official loner for the rest of her miserable life?!

3.) Why is it that Gemma's friends are so...deranged? One has an abusive daddy and decides to go out with the other best friend (who is a girl) and another one wants to run away to join the theatre but also wants to slit her wrists - but what to choose?

4.) Why did Felicity ditch the gypsy guy? Why, I ask you?

5.) Why did the gypsy guy die?! Correction: why did every available male either die, get their souls sucked into a tree, become possessed or try to drug Gemma?

6.) Why isn't Felicity put in an asylum for the mentally ill? I mean, she first goes hunting with a possessed huntress woman, nearly kills Kartik (a MASSIVE offence), flirts with both genders, is a witch with a b, ditches gypsy guy, falls for the friend, then leaves to travel, but is still haunted by memories of a totally messed up life...for like, a seventeen/eighteen year old. 

7.) Why does Pippa turn cannibal? (That scene was WRONG. These little girls chanting and then cutting off that teacher's head. I thought it was a gothic romance novel, not a horror story.)

8.) Why does anyone care about seeing Pippa constantly? She's DEAD. Leave it at that and move on. But nooooo, just go through a magic door and visit dead people - go ahead! And see how well that turns out!

9.) Why do seers never see the important parts of the future? I mean, all that Mother whatever-her-name-was did was paint the school in icky concoctions, do the whole eye-rolling-back-into-head thing, chant, freak people out...and yet she couldn't have said "Hey Gemma. Do not run straight at Kartik's deranged brother. He's holding a sharp sword. It is sharp. It will hurt. Then instead of you dying Kartik will get sucked into a blood-thirsty tree. Then all fangirls will mourn." THAT would have been useful!

10.) Why? Just a big why for the whole third book ('The Sweetest Far Thing')! It should have been called 'The Farthest Thing From Sweet' or 'The Thing that Could have been Sweet if not for the Untimely Demise of Kartik (RIP)'. 

This image is SO cute. Totally the solution to this (though I prefer Kartik the Human as to Kartik the Afro-tree).

Rant over. *breathes out*. I can now move on with my life. So! See you all 'round!
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Quick Picks: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Unearthly (Unearthly #1) 
By Cynthia Hand

Rating: 4

My thoughts on the book:

I'm a sucker for Nephilim stories...and this one was no different. 

I love how as a heroine Clara is so human.

Maybe not actually human human (you know, as a species), but she acts human. She has a complex mix of emotions. She feels things strongly and is not one hundred percent confident in her own decisions. 

The highlight? She's attractive...and she acknowledges it! 

She understands that beauty comes with her being a half-angel. Unlike some heroines who like to spend five chapters into the book whining about their lack of figure! 

The story had a nice flow overall, with a high engagement factor due to the cute scenes interwoven throughout (e.g. Clara's birthday present scene!!)

There were a few flaws though. 

One is the fact that she falls so hard for Christian. 

I mean, yeah girl he's hot. Totally understandable to have a bit of jaw-dropping going on. 

But he lacks...class? A brain? Self-respect? Humility? He basically acts like he's 'God's gift to women' and maybe he is but that's still no excuse! 

Another thing is that I would have expected the book to focus more on her purpose. 

I won't spoil it for anyone, but the emphasis on Clara's purpose sort of slacks off - and what about the Black Wings? Did they just decide to take an impromptu holiday?! 

The book seems to move from 'purpose and plot' to 'social and love life'. 

Romance-wise, it was pretty good. I mean, if you like having to choose between tall, buff and hot and...tall, buff and hot. 

There isn't much difference between the two guys (isn't there always two?!), except that Tucker is just, for me, cuter. I don't know - it may be his sarcastic sense of humour and the fact he doesn't love himself like Christian, but Tucker's got my vote!

Want to read an extract? Click here.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sneak Peek from Clockwork Prince - Will and Tessa

(And no, it has nothing to do with Usher)

I can't believe what I found whilst surfing the web. In an Infernal Devices-crazed mood, I was on Tumblr and with Clockwork out in the Philippines word's out that Clockwork Prince is everything and more than fans expected.

Some fans posted up quotes from the book and let me tell you the following one had me riveted to the computer screen, imagination flying. So here it is - the "Tessa tells Will off and basically rejects him" excerpt (Note: I have no idea if this is real or not but it has been on alot of sources so for now this is legitimate):

"She turned her face quickly, and his lips brushed her cheek instead of her mouth. He drew back, and she saw his blue eyes open, startled–and hurt. “No,” she said. “No, I don’t know that, Will.” She dropped her voice. “You have made it very clear,” she said, “what kind of use you have for me. You think I am a toy for your amusements. You should not have come in here; it is not proper.”
He dropped his hands. “You called out–”
“Not for you.”
He was silent except for his ragged breathing."

*squeal*! Oh my goodness, Tessa - I mean, we know Will's been a, well, (insert Victorian derogatory word  of choice), but still...that's just heart-breaking!!! Comment below everyone!

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NEW - Book Forums!

For all you bookworms I've started up 3 book forums (on the left, scroll down): Mortal Instruments, Iron Fey and Hunger Games. If you like them and we get some good discussions and information flowing I might start up a few more. It all depends on you guys so check them out!!

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Question Friday: INHERITANCE

This week's question is centred around the release of the new Inheritance book by Christopher Paolini. Now, sitting and typing, I wonder whether the ending to this book - after nearly a year and a half, to two years of waiting - will be satisfactory to all those who've loved the series for so long. So here's the question:

Q: If you could end the Eragon series any way, what would it be?

Send answers by adding a comment to THIS post. The best answer will get its own special post on the blog's upcoming NEW section YOUR HAPPY ENDING, where I'm planning on posting your - and my - endings to the series we love!!

See you and PLEASE take a try at this week's question!

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Debut Book Review: Brightly Woven

Brightly Woven
By Alexandra Braken

Rating: 5+

'Ah, I thought, feeling the first brush of tingling warmth as we fell into the unknown. Magic.'

Sixteen year-old Sydelle Mirabil has lived in her small desert town for as long as she can remember, and every day has been the same. 

Food, rain and adventure are scarce and deep down, Sydelle longs to travel and hone her incredible weaving skills. 

When Wayland North, a passing wizard, brings rain to her village, he is promised anything he’d like as a reward. He chooses Sydelle, claiming he is in need of an assistant. Hurt by her parent’s hasty relinquishment and excited at the prospect of an adventure, Sydelle joins Wayland on a quest unlike any other.

But as the pair travel together, intent on stopping an upcoming war and pursued by foes, secrets begin to taint the bond between them. 

Why did Wayland really choose Sydelle? Why does every wizard they cross paths with have an interest in her? 

In the midst of freak snowstorms, earthquakes, fiery duels and a fragile friendship, Sydelle must answer these questions if she is to ever understand herself…and Wayland’s past.

A brilliant and epic fantasy novel, Brightly Woven gives readers a capable, talented heroine and a plot line thick with detail and delightful twists. It is utterly refreshing the way the dialogue flows so smoothly - the one-liners and witty comebacks perfectly placed to deliver a cast of characters you’ll never forget.

Magical Book Review: Wild Magic

Call it an addiction if you will, but during the holidays I found time to ‘book hunt’ at my local Dymocks and Borders stores. I proceeded to the ‘young adults’ section and spent a nail-biting twenty minutes trying to find a book; and not for lack of trying. The problem was, nearly every book had a similar storyline. Book 1: girl finds out she’s part angel and goes on a life-threatening quest to save the world; meets cute guy in the process. Book 2: cute guy finds out he’s part vampire and goes on a life-threatening quest to save the world; meets his dream girl in the process. I’ll spare you the third variation (involving unrequited love and muscular werewolves), but as you can already tell there was something vaguely repetitive about most of those books on the shelf. With my gag reflex officially activated, I searched and searched until (finally) I came across my Holy Grail – (drum roll) a book with an original storyline and characters with personalities. Because of this experience I set myself a task: to discover a range of books WITH storylines AND characters who are relatable and deep.

Wild Magic
Tamora Pierce

Rating: 4.5

"A good friend will help you up when you fall. A best friend will laugh and try to trip you again."

Veralidaine Sarrasri – otherwise known as Daine – is a young girl full of memories she’d rather forget. Stubborn, wilful and ready to learn, she pushes her past behind her and gets a job with the horsemistress of the Queen’s Riders, Onua – in the hope that she’ll never have to deal with her past, or magic, again. But after an unexpected meeting with a master mage by the name of Numair Salmalin, Daine discovers that she possesses wild magic: a unique form of magic that allows her to commune with - and in some cases turn into – animals.
Trouble blooms as mages in Carthak awaken the Immortals - a group of mythical creatures from another realm - and plan to use them to wage war on Tortall. Daine must put all her doubts about herself and her abilities aside as she, along with Numair and Alanna the Lioness, use their gifts to defend Tortall from the greatest threat it has ever known.

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Obernewtyn ~ Review

Obernewtyn (Obernewtyn #1)
By Isobelle Carmody

Rating: 5

"Sometimes I am afraid for people like you who have to know things. Your kind will dig and hunt and worry at it until one day you will find what is hidden, waiting for you.”

Elspeth Gordie is a Misfit, and it is that fact that threatens her very existence in her society. 

Forced to conceal her exceptional abilities - such as prophetic visions and the ability to communicate with animals - she lives in constant fear of discovered. 

One day that fear becomes a reality and she is sent away to Obernewtyn.

To her surprise, Obernewtyn is not at all like its frightening reputation suggests. In fact, it is a refuge for Misfits, like Elspeth, located in the scenic mountains. 

Elspeth finds some unexpected friends and learns of the harmful experiments performed elsewhere upon talented Misfits and of the destructive powers that may have survived the Age of Chaos that ruined Earth. 

There she meets the unfathomable and handsome Rushton, whose identity is a mystery in itself, befriends Maruman the ever-puzzling cat - both of whom are to play great parts in Elspeth’s fate.

Elspeth and the Misfits may be different. But they have the potential to change the world.

Cool Book Review: Finnikin of the Rock

The best book to read is a cool book, and to find one of those you need to seriously define the word ‘cool’. My definition of cool is a book with great characters that have different personalities, really good fight scenes, some sarcasm and wit throwing here and there, and an un-predictable finish that hopefully leaves you wanting more. And…good covers don’t hurt. I know the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is valid, but sometimes, the cover sure does help (note the cool covers of the books below). A good book needs to hold your attention span for more than the first page. If it doesn’t, seek out one that covers your areas of interest, whether they are horror, mystery, suspense, romance, myths and legends, etc. There’s no point in reading a book you don’t like.

Finnikin of the Rock
Melina Marchetta

Rating: 5

“Her blood will be shed for you to be king.”

Finnikin of the Rock and his guardian, Sir Topher, travel the land together in a hopeless attempt to forget the dark days when the royal family of Lumatere was murdered and the kingdom put under a terrible curse. But when Finnikin meets Evanjalin, he has no choice but to remember and take action: for Evanjalin claims that the heir to the throne of Lumatere, Prince Balthazar, is alive.

An epic adventure unfolds, leading the trio on an impossible search for the heir, for Finnikin’s father and for a spark of hope in the darkness of their terrible new world. But as their journey unfolds, and friends become scarce, the big question stands: Can they trust anyone? And, more importantly, can they trust one another, even with the dark secrets they all keep?

Full of prophecies, adventure, battles, magic, wit, love and betrayal, Finnikin of the Rock is a story that needs to be read with a fine-tooth comb; for fear that you miss one single important detail (you may need to read it through more than once). So be on your toes as this story leads you on the fantasy roller-coaster of a life-time!

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Review: MissMatch by Erynn Mangum

Erynn Mangum

Rating: 5

Lauren Holbrook is known as being many things: a chocoholic, a caffeine-addict, a total fan of Pride and Prejudice and now… a matchmaker - or what she likes to call, “matchmaking for the romantically challenged.”(Such as herself!)

To Laurie, nothing could be easier than match-making a few friends here and there – but is it really as simple as it seems? And what will happen when Laurie discovers that a simple introduction can bring complicated results – even for her? Along the way - with help from her Bible, friends and wacky family – Laurie learns the meaning of true love, good coffee and the ability to trust that God’s plan is always good enough.

A funny, romantic and heart-warming tale that will have you in its grip until the very last page, Miss Match is a definite pick for lovers of comedy, romance, religion, friendship and tales with a happy ending! Re-Match and Matchpoint – the next installments in the series – are also available, as well as Erynn's new series CoolBeans.

Note: even if you don't like anything to do with God and beliefs, etc., MissMatch is still an excellent read. I know plenty of people who've read it who aren't religious and have said it was well worth the read, just for the storylines, characters and laughter that accompanied it!
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