My Review Policy

For any author(s) who wishes for me to read their book(s) and give an honest review. Please read the following before filling out the Review Request Form

Your book should follow the following criteria:
  • Genre
    • Preferably fiction (YA, historical, sci-fi, paranormal, etc.) Non-fiction is also accepted depending on the book in question.
    • The book is not under the genre of erotica (this blog caters for a wide audience range and content therefore must be appropriate)
  • Review: 
    • That the sample book/the book itself is available in PDF/EPUB format
    • Although ebooks are my first preferences, I also accept physical copies of books
If I am interested in reviewing your book, you should receive an e-mail from me ASAP.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review policy. 

I would also like to thank all authors, publishers and other agents and peoples for their requests, and to wish every author the best of luck with their book/s and their literary careers :)

Although the form is embedded in this page (below), if you are unable to view it for any reason, you can access it here

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