Rating System

My rating system is based on a scale of 0-5

On this blog, the numbers are not rounded up, or down, and as such some books may receive ratings such as 4.2 or 3.6. The highest possible rating that can be achieved is a 5+ which indicates the book was close to perfect and succeeded the usual top score of 5.

Some ratings may even be accompanied by a title such as (for e.g.) 'Tearjerker Award' or 'YA Romance Pick' to help further indicate to followers what type of reader the book is sure to attract, or the experience it will give.

My rating criteria is broken into two parts:

  • How good the book was (from an entertainment perspective)
    • Whether is was engaging
    • Good plot
    • Likeable characters
    • Good ending (etc.)
  • How well written the book was (from a critical perspective)
    • Was the plot succinctly written?
    • Details
    • Narrative voice
    • Word choices (etc.)
NB:  Some may notice a slight difference between my Goodreads ratings and my blog ratings. The same criteria is used, but on Goodreads there are only 5 stars. I tend to be a bit more precise with my blog ratings. Sorry for any confusion!

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