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Salvation by Skyla Madi ~ Review

Salvation (Guardian Angel #3)
By Skyla Madi

Rating: 5

'"I'm not going to risk it."

His statement saddened me - if not for love, then what else? I was willing to risk everything for Eli except for one thing, and that was his life. Leaving him was the most selfless and selfish thing I'd ever done, but I didn't regret it.'

Love is a safehaven.

But when your very presence can put the ones you love in danger, sometimes you have to sever ties. Sometimes you have to pretend you're heartless - that your heart doesn't bleed, doesn't cry out with every step you take away from them.

Sometimes you have to run and just keep running, doing anything; anything if it will save the lives of those you love.

Ruby has never blended in.

And now is no different. She may have her magicked charm, that changes her appearance, but it can't hide the scent, the life, that clings to her. Nothing will undo what she is - a goddess. And it because of what she is, and the danger she faces from the blood-thirsty vampire Lucian, that she has to hide in the first place.

But Hide and Seek can't be played alone.

Ruby may be doing her best to hide, but too many people are searching for her, wanting her to be found. Hunter is on her heels; his feelings for her and his new demeanour - the latter one of the many downsides of his being a vampire - too intense for her to handle. But Ruby can't bring herself to end the life of a former friend...a friend who saved the life of the guardian angel she loves with all her heart.


Ruby may be severing ties - but some ties just can't be severed.

Sanctums are normally 'private places from which most people are excluded' (or so the definition goes...) but Sage Sanctum isn't excluding Ruby. Far from it. Ruby receives an invitation from Ivan Aleksandrov - requesting her presence back at Sage Sanctum.

Torn, Ruby longs to return but is painfully aware of what her presence there could mean. She'd be killing the last sliver of safety those she cares about have. Reminding herself that is only for a few days, she accepts the invitation...and is soon on her way back to where it all began.

But Mr Aleksandrov is not the only one that wants Ruby back. The council are more than eager to have Ruby return; her return suiting a mysterious purpose of theres that, when it comes to light, may change everything Ruby has ever known or guessed about what she is - and what she is capable of doing.

True love never dies.

As hard as Ruby tries to ignore the bond and the emotions that lie between them, she can't deny how her heart - her whole being - reacts to seeing Eli De Luca. The love of her life. The one thing she wants more than anything else. The one thing she can't have.

Eli treats Ruby with a casual politeness - but his polite words and lack of proximity can't quite disguise the hurt he harbours over her actions...actions done to save him. But just as frustration, guilt and hot tempers lie beneath this pair's facades of indifference, so does a burning attraction and love that has yet to be extinguished.

The battle is far from over. Salvation is just out of reach.

But Ruby will fight with everything she has to achieve it. To end Lucian and his malevolent plans. To protect Sage Sanctum and the gods and goddesses that pace within its walls. To see a world where angels and goddesses can find love without persecution.

To find that happy ending and make it hers.

Filled with adventure, Salvation is the next gripping instalment in the Guardian Angel series by Skyla Madi. Open the book and let yourself be pulled between the pages into a world unlike any other!

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