Monday, 3 June 2013

Weeping Stars ~ Grasping At Eternity Review

Grasping At Eternity (The Kindrily #1)
By Karen Amanda Hooper

Rating: 4.9

"Saying goodbye to you tomorrow is going to shatter my heart to pieces."
"Mine too. But I've got enough miracle glue to put as back together again."

When it's dark enough, you can see the stars. Or so they say.

Nathaniel's tired of staring up at the fathomless well of stars, wishing for a miracle he knows is impossible. Eyeing the dark hollow in the sky where her star used to be. 

Before she was caught.
Before tears filled her eyes.
Before she mouthed the words 'I love you eternally'.

Before she erased.

The stars will weep for those who have fallen, haunted by the light that once shone beside them. Or so they say.

After a devastating tragedy that turned her world upside down, Maryah's less than ready to uproot herself and step into a house full of strangers, even if it's the home of her mother's childhood friend, Louise Luna. But succumbing to the pleadings of her cousin Krista, Maryah agrees to give Louise and her family a chance.

But the moment she enters their home, something just seemsodd about the Luna family. Maybe its the gorgeous paintings hand-painted by Louise, the charming room they've given her, the hostile looks from some of the Luna kids, the shared knowing looks that they think go unnoticed, or the way everyone there just seems so ready to accept her into their family.

And Maryah can't shake off the sense of déjà vu. Like she's been there before. Like she knows them.

And like they know her.

The older the soul, the brighter the star. Or so they say.

When Nathaniel is forced to come face-to-face with Maryah, it brings a pain like no other. Tortured by her presence, but unable to stay away, he can't come to terms with the bitter truth that stands before him in the form of a beautiful girl with lightless eyes. 

That she really did choose to erase. That she has no memory of who she really is. Was.

Or of the lives she's lived. Or of what she meant to them all. What she meant to him.

The undying love they shared.

And may never share again.

There is a trace of light up there. If you can find it.

Secrets begin to tear at the careful cocoon Nathaniel and the other kindrily have constructed for Maryah - dangers that none of them can control forcing Nathaniel and Maryah to face one another and what lies between them. 

But when Maryah discovers the truth, will she believe it? Can she believe in a love, in a life, that she doesn't remember...that she gave up? 

There is strength in love. If you can find the faith to believe in it.

Lives and hearts collide in a story that will make you believe in a love that last beyond lifetimes.

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