Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Nightmare Alice ~ Ensnared (Teaser) by A.G. Howard Review

Ensnared (Teaser: Splintered #3)
By A.G. Howard

Rating: 5

'"Worst case, you're driven to madness. Are you willing to risk losing so much?"

"I've already lost everything and I've already gone mad." I meet his bulbous gaze. "Need a demonstration?"'

A whole new Alyssa is ready to take on Red & she's not backing down.

Fans of A.G. Howard's brilliant Splintered series - get ready to fall in love with the new, darker and far edgier Alyssa that has come out to play!

The first three chapters included in the teaser draw readers straight back into the world of Splintered, as Alyssa and her father find themselves having to work together. A most unlikely team, to be true! 

Prepare yourself for intriguing memories, talking beetles, dolls, and butterfly rides, as Ensnared's magic takes flight in this sneak-peek that is sure to leave you wanting more.

This teaser is most definitely a promising start to what is sure to be a true gem of a book! 

'The first pixie was right. I'm the epitome of Alice. A nightmare Alice. An Alice gone mad, who thirsts for blood. When I find Queen Red, she'll beg me to stop at her head.'


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