Thursday, 16 February 2012

Quick YA Picks ~ Top 3

Number #1:
The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer #1)
By Jenny Han

Rating: 4.5

'For me, it was almost like winter didn’t count. Summer was what mattered. My whole life was measured in summers.' 

'Belly' Conklin has spent every summer at Cousins, side by side with Jeremiah and Conrad.

One who's her best friend, and the other the boy she longs for with every breath she takes. 

Now a teenager, Belly's feeling the change that comes with growing up - the special moments, the memories, the heartbreaks and the way your heart can expand before your eyes. 

How you can be just 'Belly' one summer and then pretty the next?

Jenny Han gives readers a stunning tale of self-discovery, romance and the fleeting beauty of summer. 

Number #2:
If I Die (Soul Screamers #5)
By Rachel Vincent

Rating: 4

There's a good kind of crazy, Kaylee," he insisted softly, reaching out to wrap his warm hand around mine. 

"It's the kind that makes you think about things that make your head hurt, because not thinking about them is the coward's way out. The kind that makes you touch people who bruise your soul, just because they need to be touched. This is the kind of crazy that lets you stare out into the darkness and rage at eternity, while it stares back at you, ready to swallow you whole."

Kaylee wants to scream. Needs to scream.

And that only means one thing for a bean sidhe...someone's going to die and soon. 

But when Tod tells her who, Kaylee's in for the biggest shock of her life. It's her.

With six days to live, Kaylee drowns herself in a final mission - to stop the paranormal forces at work in her town and to protect those she loves. 

A thrilling addition to the series, If I Die shows Kaylee's strength, her passion and her will to survive.

Number #3:
A Beautiful Dark (A Beautiful Dark #1)
By Jocelyn Davies

Rating: 4.75

“I...have been in that weird state between dreaming and waking, where dreams could be memories and the real world could be a dream.” 

Skye's eyes are the first sign. 

When they turn the brightest of silvers something tells her that things are going to change. 

But then again, the colour could be a trick of the light - a coincidence. It takes a party, a fight and two boys who are so connected and yet so apart to make that coincidence her reality.

Angels, the fallen, good, evil and whether you have the right to make your own choices when others believe in only destiny - this book has it all. 

Devin and Asher, like two side of the same coin, awaken a force within Skye that could be the answer to everything...or the end to it all.

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