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Booknut's MUST READs: Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass
Sarah. J. Maas


"Nor had she missed when they zigzagged between levels, even though the building was a standard grid of hallways and stairwells. As if she'd lose her bearings that easily.

She might have been insulted if he wasn't trying so hard."

Celaena Sardothien is the kingdom's most feared assassin - renowned for her cunning, stealth and (of course) her ruthless killing of her enemies, she seems more myth than person.

Though they never expected her to be an 18 year-old girl.

Released from her imprisonment in the salt mines of Endovier, Celaena is given an ultimatum - go back to the  mines and eventually die of exhaustion and torture, or become The Crown Prince Dorian's Champion and, after four years of service, gain her much-sought-after freedom. 

But before she can be announced his Champion, she must compete against the best the kingdom has to offer - poisoners, vagabonds, lords, knights, mystery men and thieves - in a competition to see who is worthy for the title of King's Champion. Self-assured, Celaena has no doubts she can win. But at what cost, when she is fighting for the chance to kill for the man she hates more than any other?

Taken to the palace, Celaena is given a new identity as she enters court life - sizing up the competition,  training with the Crown Prince's friend and comrade Captain Westfall and becoming the envy of every court lady due to her stunning looks and her proximity to the Crown Prince. The competition begins and Celaena is in her element...until one of the competitors fails to turn up to one of the Tests.

Instead, he is found dead - torn apart as if by wild animals. And suddenly the competition takes a sinister turn as Celaena realises that the killing was no coincidence and that something dark has entered the palace - something with a thirst for killing. In a kingdom where magic has been all but eradicated, Celaena takes on the task of searching for the unknown enemy's identity and their motive...before she herself becomes the next target.

And not even an assassin is afraid of death.

Romance, adventure, mystery and fantasy combine in a story that is a cross between Maria V Snyder's Poison Study, Tamora Pierce's Alanna the Lioness and Sherwood Smith's Crown Duel. With a feisty and witty heroine and new friendships to be formed, this book is worth reading it all in one sitting (like I did :D) and will become a fast favourite.

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