Friday, 3 August 2012

An Electric Read ~ Gift

By Andrea J. Buchanan

Rating: 4.3

Daisy has always had a gift. 

A gift that is the bane of televisions, MP3 players and school firealarm systems - it is as if electricity flows through her very being, and from a young age Daisy has had to learn to control and tame her gift...keeping it hidden.

And nothing seems unusual until a girl in her class, Vivi, nearly kills herself in the school bathrooms...saying the words, "He's gone!" with a desperation that makes its mark on Daisy. 

Who is this 'he' that no one but Vivi seems to see? And what is the subtle connection between Daisy, Vivi and Daisy's best friend Danielle? 

The answers aren't clear, but as the girls begin to sense chilling presences in the halls and experience vivid and realistic shared dreams, they begin to realise that the answers do not lie in the present. They lie in a past that none of them seem to recall.

With the help of the mythology-expert and senior student Kevin, the group must try and figure out what is happening and why before somebody gets hurt. 

Solving mysteries from the past and present and fuelled by the responsibility and exhilaration that comes with having Daisy's abilities, this tale is a great YA novel; the original songs by Kevin ( adding another dimension to an already unique and fascinating book.

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