Saturday, 13 October 2012

Top 3 Reads for October

Number #1:
A Vision in Green (Florence Vaine #2)
By L.H. Cosway

Rating: 4.8

I managed to finish this brilliant novel in record time - mainly by munching on apple slices, ignoring the clock, listening to a mixture of Taylor Swift, Green Day and Train and gluing myself to my chair. In less than six hours I have finished reading a rollercoaster-ride of a book that had me smiling, laughing, tearing up and face-palming continuously!

Florence Vaine (better known as Flo) is an Empath - able to see, interpret and even change or fix people's auras - and since she moved to the mysterious town of Chesterport, she has discovered a world she never knew existed and for the first time in her life, she's found somewhere she belongs. 

And with the evil coven of witches defeated, Flo hopes that the new peace will last and that her new life will have a degree of normality to it.

But the battle is far from over.

Flo's dysfunctional father - drunk, loud and violent - continues to treat her like the worst kind of plague, taking up residence in her dead grandmother's house. Flo is transported back to her memories of the past...the endless parties, the drinking and the verbal and physical torture she endured at the hands of the foul man she had to call her father. 

But Flo, despite her stutter, isn't willing to be stepped on again. She shows a backbone and resolve that shocks her father - so much so that in order to keep his hold on her life he resorts to threatening to hurt those she loves most unless she distances herself from them...namely Frank. 

Florence loves Frank and is torn between being with him and letting her father ruin Frank's life - something he has the power to do. But all the while, little by little, Flo begins to suspect that her father's attitude and lifestyle is purely in place to make him forget something - or to keep something at bay. 

And maybe, just maybe, Flo isn't the only one with a supernatural secret.

On top of her home problems, Flo must deal with frightening and eerie happenings in the Chesterport forest - happenings that are strangely linked to a being that visits her in her dreams and insists that she is far more than she realises...that her powers may just have origins she never dreamed of. 

Can Frank and his brothers help her to get to the bottom of this supernatural mystery? And can Frank keep Flo from shutting him out and find a way for them to be together?

Number #2:
By Terri Clark

Rating: 4.9

Is it a sweet dream, or a not-so beautiful nightmare...?

From the author with all the comedic, heartwarming lines -  Terri Clark - comes a story of a girl whose dreams are just left of wacky. 

Mainly, because they come true. 

But just this once she'll have to be open to the idea that they're there for a reason, and use them to bring Rafe, the murderous criminal, to justice. 

Whilst enjoying her summer, buying a new dress and finding a boyfriend of course.

But hey - a girl can multitask, can't she?!

Number #3:
Shut Out
By Kody Keplinger

Rating: 4.4

This is the story about a World War III that neither guy - nor girl - is ready for... 

What starts off as a strike for peace, may just turn into the ultimate battle of the sexes...but who will be the first to cave?! 

When the Hamilton High football and soccer team rivalry gets to breaking point, the team's girlfriends decide to take matters into their own hands, with comedic results!

Be prepared for poolside serenades, bookstore fantasies, sexy grins, egged cars, broken limbs and a whole lot of ice-cream, as the girls strive to teach these men exactly who is in charge! 

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