Sunday, 28 April 2013

Natural Born Angel ~ Review

Natural Born Angel (Immortal City #2)
By Scott Speer

Rating: 4.5

"I know that even though most of the Archangels during the Troubles have since resigned, some of you could have been against my father and mother, what they stood for, and are probably against me now. But I know that this Immortal Ring should mean the same for everyone in the this room - even if they are a jerk. And I believe what it means, too."

ANNOUNCEMENT: The much-anticipated angel novel of the decade has ARRIVED! Jackson Godspeed's 'THE SHOE IS ON THE OTHER FOOT' now available worldwide!

It's so nice to know that you and your boyfriend can share near-death experiences and still have relationship issues. It keeps things comfortable, doesn't it? Knowing that he's such a hot,insecure egotistical jackass who needs a good bitch slap mess. And that when you need him to be there for you the most...he bails.

The words of Beyonce's Run The World float through my mind at this point: 'To other men that respect what I do please accept my shine.'

You know, there's nothing worse than a hypocritical guy. Especially the kind that love life when the spotlight's on them, but not so much when the girl's the one doing all the shining. 

The first book was a nightmare for Maddy - she had to put up with being Jackson's 'human' girlfriend, the paparazzi, him being in the spotlight, him being busy with interviews, photoshoots, etc, horrid ex-girlfriends, matters of life and death, and more. But she stayed by Jackson's side. And he was so sweet, too. He let her know that she mattered to him, first and foremost.

And you would expect that if the SHOE WAS ON THE OTHER FOOT Jackson would step up to the plate, right? That he would allow Maddy to have her turn in the spotlight with a total lack of jealousy and 100% support.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Instead he's like the green-eyed PMS monster. He doesn't attend functions, avoids her, acts grumpy as and then has the audacity (god I love that word - it sounds so Austen-y), the AUDACITY to blame her!! 

And then we come to the cliffhanger.

Where Jackson gives her an ultimatum. Because he thinks he has the freaking right to.

And he doesn't even let her get a darn word in edgewise. Just like a typical guy. 

Plus he already made her decision for her; he's just informingher of the turn of events without even considering that maybe, just maybe, she has a MIND OF HER OWN AND WOULD LIKE TO MAKE HER OWN CHOICES. That may she has a life outside of Almighty Jackson The-Sun-Shines-Through-My-Ass Godspeed. That maybe she is kind, sweet and compassionate. 

Jackson: You're on the side of the angels.
Maddy: Jackson will you just listen to me-
Maddy: Jackso-
Me: Let me show you how it's done *moves Maddy aside*

Me: Oh really?! (followed up by a roundhouse kick)

Show some spunk Mads! FEMALE POWER!!

And Tom is one delicious little fighter jet (lol, 'cause he's a pilot get it?!). I look forward to seeing the role he plays in the next book. I love that bit when he stalks up to Jackson and defends Maddy:
'"You might want to appreciate what you have, rather than take it for granted like everything else in your life," Tom said, mere inches from Jackson's face.'

*swipes eyes* Oh, Tom. My hero!

Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely and am now emotionally scarred until Book 3 comes out :)


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