Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kittens & Kryptonite ~ Origin by J Armentrout Review

Origin (Lux #4)
By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Rating: 5

"I love you, Kat. Always have. Always will."

My thoughts on the book:

Dear Jennifer Armentrout:


I'm starting to believe that authors have become way too 'trigger happy' with cliffhangers over the course of 2013. 

Need an ending?
Need reader engagement?
Want your readers to cry?
Can't figure out how to fit that last two pages into your novel?

Just...wait a minute. Stop! Don't pull the trigger just yet!

How about we wait and tell the nice readers exactly what happens to Daemon, Katy and the gang at the end of the book when we have a bunch of mystery visitors turn up (who shall not be named!)?

How about we wait and ease their minds?
Their souls?
Their weeping fangirl hearts?!

Is it that hard to just let us know that these characters we love so much are all okay? Must we wait a whole year and a half or more to find out if they're alive? Sane? Still breathing?!

But apart from the use of yet another cliffhanger in the cliffhanger-infused Lux series, this book was seriously awesome.

Be prepared for a BIG surprise!!

If you don't like surprises, I will say one word: Bells. 
Lots of them ;)

And if you do like surprises, let me just say you're in for a hell of a good one :)

Overall message: Read this book! 

Or buy it, and keep it...and only read it just before the next one comes out so you don't have to suffer from 'Post-cliffhanger Depression' for a prolonged period of time.

Your choice!

Either way you're sure to enjoy this roller coaster of a story - filled to the brim with sexy aliens, people trying to kill one another, and plenty of witty one-liners and perfectly delivered innuendo to go around!

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