Thursday, 12 December 2013

Vive la Revolution ~ Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes Review

Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms #2)
By Morgan Rhodes

Rating: 5

'Such deaths would be considered by most to be destiny. To be fate.

Paelsians, especially, believed that their futures were set and that they had to accept what they were given - be it good or bad. It only served to create a kingdom of victims afraid to stand up against opposition.

A kingdom easily taken by someone happy to steal what no one would fight to keep.'

Her kingdom handed to the enemy, her family dead, the love of her life killed...Princess Cleo has little left to fight for.

The evil King Gaius has taken everything from the dethroned princess of Auranos. Merging the three kingdoms into a single country completely under his tyrannical reign, Gaius plans to use Cleo for his own schemes. In the hopes of diverting the ire arising over his new project, a road through the Forbidden Mountains, the king announces a surprise betrothal.

Between Princess Cleo...and Gaius' son, Magnus.

The man Cleo hates more than any other. The man who killed Theon, the boy she loved.

Which will bring freedom: magic, force, or sacrifice?

Whilst Lucia lies in a mysterious coma, untangling the secrets of her abilities with the help of a charming Watcher, Jonas bands together another rebellion - this time opposing King Gaius. He aims to stage an attack on the king and his heir, Magnus. But a crucial detail is missing. The princess. Cleo.

Without her, Jonas can't seat a worthy monarch on the throne. But will she be willing to aid the very people who handed her and her family over to the enemy? 

Feelings become the deadliest weapons of all, and the line between friend and foe blurs in the latest instalment in the thrilling Falling Kingdoms series.

Who will fight?
Who will survive?
Who shall rise...and who shall fall?

Grab your copy today and join in the adventure of a lifetime.

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