Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lazy Day Reads ~ 5 Picks To Get You Started

Lazy days are golden.

They're a time for soothing cups of tea, warm pastries, and catching up on Netflix or you could totally go outside but I'm an anti=social bookworm so I'll just stay on my couch!

Lazy days are also the perfect time to make a dent in your TBR pile/piles/mountains of mayhem.

But what if you're just...not in the mood?

We're not always ready to dig into the latest popular novel that may take hours (or even days) to read. Perhaps you're not ready to commit to starting a new series, or maybe you still haven't recovered emotionally from the last cliffhanger book you read!

Either way, sometimes what you just need is a light, quick read to keep you company.

And that's where my Lazy Day Reads list comes in!

To help you start your relax-a-thon, I have handpicked five (or so) great reads that are:

(A) Enjoyable
(B) Well-written
(C) Have no/limited heartbreak involved for you and your fangirl/fanboy heart

And the best part? They're also quick and easy to get into and finish.

#1: The Nocturne Falls series by Kristen Painter

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town where Halloween is celebrated 365 days a year! The tourists think it's all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better. Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Fangs and all.

Whether you're looking to start a new series, or if you want a standalone read, the Nocturne Falls series is a great pick for a lazy day. I've actually done quite a bit of book skipping when it comes to this series, so I can attest to the fact that you don't need to read them in any particular order for you to enjoy them.

These paranormal fantasy romances are full of laughs, paranormal mischief and strife, cute couples to root for, and HEAs.

Add to your Goodreads bookshelf today!

#2: The Anna and the French Kiss series by Stephanie Perkins

This is most definitely a series of standalones - each with its own cute and quirky cast of characters and emotionally satisfying HEA. The Anna and the French Kiss series is the perfect edition to your lazy day routine and are basically chick flicks in book form!

Whether you choose Anna and her romantic trip to Paris, Lola and her penchant for her inventor neighbour, or Isla and the story that is filled with cameos from the other two're in for lots of fun. Be prepared to make room in your heart for Stephanie Perkin's loveable characters!

You can read my review of the first book in the series here.

Add to your Goodreads bookshelf today!

#3: Any novel with a rogue

Don't you just love how vague that title was?! ;)

Basically, any historical fiction novel that features a 'roguish gentleman' or a 'wickedly handsome viscount' is a perfect lazy day read. You're pretty much guaranteed (A) a HEA, (B) loads of witty dialogue and sarcastic one-liners, and (C) lots and lots of swooning.

Trust me...I may or may not have a Goodreads folder filled with 171 books (and counting!) that feature roguish gentlemen. *cough* Here! *cough*

My top choices

Legendary Lovers series by Nicole Jordan
Mackenzies & McBrides series by Jennifer Ashley
Rules for the Reckless series by Meredith Duran
Hellions of Halstead Hall series by Sabrina Jeffries
Scandal and Scoundrel series by Sarah MacLean
The Rules of Scoundrels series by Sarah MacLean
The Oxenburg Princes series by Karen Hawkins

#4: Anthologies

If you're after a bit more diversity when it comes to lazy day reads, and aren't ready to commit to a single author or possible series, why not pick up an anthology?

Anthologies are basically literary cheese platters unless you hate cheese or are allergic to dairy, in which case please just forget all about that analogy! You get to sample small amounts of different styles whilst discovering new authors to look up and experience further.

My top choices

A Tyranny of Petticoats = historical + fantasy anthology (see my review here)
My True Love Gave To Me = Christmas/holiday anthology (see my review here)
Let It Snow = Christmas/holiday anthology (see my review here)
Vacations from Hell = paranormal/supernatural anthology
Slasher Girls & Monsters Boys = horror/paranormal anthology

#5: Graphic/manga novels

Don't feel like over-working your imagination? Wish you could 'watch' the story as well as read it? Graphic and manga novels are here to the rescue!

Many classic works of literature - as well as some contemporary and YA novels - have graphic novel and manga versions available for you to enjoy. Not only can you sit back and delight in the tale itself, but you can appreciate the amount of talent and effort that has gone into the art and illustrations.

My top choices

Any Manga Classics novel (see my review of their Pride and Prejudice novel here)
The Parasol Protectorate Manga series by Gail Carriger
City of Bones: The Graphic Novel by Cassandra Clare
The Iron Fey graphic novel series by Julie Kagawa
Vampire Academy graphic novel series by Richelle Mead

What are your fave lazy day reads?

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. The Nocturne Falls series sound so interesting. I might try to read the first book of that when I'm feeling lazy and just don't want to commit to any series. Thanks for the recommendations! :)

    Alyssa @ Diary of a Book Maniac

    1. I hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to read it! And you're most welcome - I love finding books/series that don't require too much commitment for those lazy/slower days :)

  2. I haven't read many books on here but I really enjoyed Let it Snow and My True Love Gave To Me! I did read Anna and the French Kiss though but it wasn't my favourite. Thanks for sharing lovely!

    1. Weren't they great?! I think what I enjoyed most about them was the range of talented authors that were involved in putting them together - it was bound to be a winner :)
      Out of all the books in that series Anna and the French Kiss was my least favourite. It was good but I definitely had a better time reading Lola and the Boy Next Door, though.
      Thanks for dropping by! <3


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