Monday, 26 March 2012

Review: Spellcaster (Spellbound #2) by Cara Lynn Shultz

"Witches, **itches, hot guys and spells,
School halls where an evil highschooler dwells,

A band night, a plan - both of which sure failed,
Girl watches her back, in case she's being trailed,
The second book's wonderful, witty and funny,
Some of the scary scenes may make you cry "Mummy"!!
But obviously love is stronger than a crook,
Now I have to keeping waiting until the next book!"

Like my poem? A different kind of review style, I admit, but I couldn't help myself! 

Rating for this book: 4.5

Spellcaster was an excellent second to Spellbound - our modern day "Romeo and Juliet" are back, but don't expect this book to be all "High School Musical"! There are more problems than true love that the pair face and Brendan and Emma - united - must face every obstacle they come across, lest someone find a way to separate them for good. And this time, there will be no re-incarnation. This time, it will be forever.

Alot more magic and witchery is in this book, which I found entertaining - Emma really embraces her role as heroine and is not afraid to act independently. She makes Brendan see that though they have to work as a team, and a couple, sometimes there are things only she and she alone can do. That she is not afraid to use her gifts and act for love of him. Her selflessness and backbone make her a great protagonist I must say!

I won't spoil too much but let me just say - great second book! For more clues, read the poem VERY carefully!

Love, Booknut

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