Friday, 7 September 2012

A Dose of Angel Goodness ~ Guardian by Heather Burch

Guardian (Halflings, #2)Guardian (Halflings #2):
By Heather Burch

Rating: 4.2

You found me tonight. Follow your heart, Nikki. No matter where it roams, it'll always lead you back to me, because my heart is always calling to yours.

You may choose not to listen for a while, but eventually you'll go where it's leading you.”

A tale of angelic intervention, inner strength and the ability to have faith even when your path is at its most bumpy and dark. 
And how one person's light can shine bright enough to bring out the light in others.

My thoughts on the book:

The next book in the Halflings series packs a punch, that's for sure!!

At the end of the last book we were all like:

Because OMG there's a love triangle!

Noble as ever, our heroine - Nikki - decides to stay strong and not lead on either guy, her personal motto being:

But then Mace is all like:

And Raven pretends he doesn't care, but every time he sees Mace and Nikki together he's all:

But Nikki's cool - it's not like everytime she sees either of them that she does a slow-motion turn or anything...

Or that she gets herself into life-threatening situations so she can get rescued at the last second...

Or that every time she and Mace lock gazes you can just hear this song playing in the background:

Not to mention Raven and his Hot 'N' Cold act. He's all "Why doesn't she love me like she loves Mace?" "Why doesn't she get that I care?!"

And after numerous make out sessions, heart-stopping revelations and plenty of intense gaze holding...we finally find out the big reason why everyone wants Nikki. And I was all like:

The real question isn't why everyone wants Nikki. The real question is: why on earth is she constantly surrounded by guys that look like male swimsuit models?

I liked this book. Don't get me wrong! 
But I couldn't stand Nikki for half of it (or more than half, come to think of it).

Mainly, because she's with love. 

She acts like "Hey, guys fall over themselves for me everyday and I should just throw their love away in a self-sacrificing manner again and again and again." 

Umm. No.

Why Mace and Raven put up with her I don't know. Because in real life, if you push a guy away again and again and again...he will leave. He'll get the hint! But I guess Mace and Raven are blessed with angelic patience! 

And as for the cliffhanger...
I mean, really? Another one?

And just when I wanted it to be a nice, happy ending? Why?!

*collapses on top of computer and sobs* No words can describe the pain! So I'll use gifs instead:

Why must cliffhangers exist?

Now the love triangle will still be there and nothing is over!

I shall now slink off to my bed - and not dream of angel boys, juice boxes, ships, shipping, motorbikes or dolphins...

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