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Gossip Girl Meets The Godfather ~ Elite by Rachel Van Dyken

Elite (Eagle Elite #1)
By Rachel Van Dyken

Rating: 5

**Not recommended for readers under the age of 17**

'"I won't let anything happen to you - I swear on my life, I'll protect you until the day I die."
"That's a pretty big promise."
"Well, you're a pretty important person. Important people deserve big promises, and you, Trace. You deserve the world."'

Eagle Elite College....a college for the elite. Certainly, no place for a girl from Wyoming.

Tracey Rooks thought winning a scholarship to Eagle Elite College was the chance of a lifetime. A chance to escape the sorrow of the death of her grandmother and to secure a brighter future for herself. 

But growing up with one's grandparents in a rural environment, Tracey soon discovers, could never prepare one to enter a college such as Eagle Elite. Because as the name suggests, the school - and its students - are the cream of the crop, the elite of society. And they have no time for 'Farm Girls'. To them, people like Tracey have one place in life and that's swiping their credit cards. 

Scholarship or no scholarship, Tracey Rooks doesn't belong. And it's their job to make sure she knows that.

Move over Gossip Girl...there's a new Queen Bee in town. Well, a King Bee, that is.

Nixon and his group of 'minions' rule the school with cold deliberation. As The Elect, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to talk, touch or even look at them, without receiving adequate punishment and humiliation as a consequence. 

And as the New Girl, Tracey's clueless and stubborn approach to Eagle Elite catches Nixon's attention. She doesn't play by the rules. She refuses to be bossed around by some pretty boy who thinks he can rule the school. 

Soon Nixon begins to find her just as intriguing as she is infuriating. Just who does she think she is? What is it about her that causes him to react the way he does around her? 

All's fair in love and war. And this is most definitely both.

Eagle Elite's structure - the way the students are segregated, the cliques, the not-so idle threats from The Elect - start to wear on Tracey, as things go from hostile to just plain weird. Armed personnel accompany The Elect on shopping trips, Nixon's last name is the equivalent of a curse word and Nixon himself is hot and cold, warm and secretive. And it is the secrets that are causing the most damage, as Tracey is left in the dark, forced to try and fit together the pieces on her own.

Something is going on beneath the gorgeous facade of Eagle Elite. And Tracey won't rest until she discovers what it is.

What if your whole life was a lie? And what if love is the biggest lie of all?

Plunge into Rachel Van Dyken's refreshing twist on Romeo & Juliet today, with enough romance, mystery, gun fights and suspense to keep you addicted until the very last page!

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  1. I've been meaning to read this one. It's sitting on my Kindle from Netgalley. After reading your review I want to read it even more!

    Happy Reading!
    Joann @ Paperback Lass


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