Monday, 15 July 2013

Dark Wings by Skyla Madi ~ ARC Review

Dark Wings (The Never Dark #1)
By Skyla Madi

Rating: 4.4
*Recommended for ages 17+**

They say that is ‘better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.’ 

I call that bullshit.

Some people would argue that the experience of loving and losing a person is worth it. It’s for the experience, they say.

I disagree.

To lose someone you care for immensely is the worst feeling in the world. I’d take kidney stones or a broken arm over the depression and the sharp heartache that follows me around any day.

When you break an arm, you get up and you get it fixed. With a broken heart, you’re stuck with the memories forever.

You carry around the shadows that are left over from losing the one you loved…and they never seem to go away.’

I was human once, but than I died, and when I died, I was chosen to become and angel, to protect the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Violet Ashton is a special kind of angel. She hunts the things that go bump in the night, horrors that you couldn’t dream up even in your worst nightmares. Any creatures, or demons, which manage to escape from the Underworld are tracked down and killed. And Violet’s record is as flawless as they come, ninety-nine kills…and counting.

And it’s her next kill that counts the most. 

I couldn’t get a proper reading from her eyes, they flickered constantly between various emotions. Love. Hate. Desire. Sadness. If I waited a second longer, it’d probably be death. 

Lucas Cross is many things – demon, eye candy, One of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, to name a few. Funnily enough, he also happens to be an ex-angel, as well as Violet’ ex-mentor and ex-lover. 

Which makes Violet’s mission to kill him slightly more complicated. 

Not only did Lucas teach her everything she knows about demons and killing them, making him a fierce opponent, but even the sight of him is enough to draw the breath from her lungs. He looks the same, sounds the same even…but as much as it kills her, Violet knows hat he isn’t the Lucas Cross she knew. 

He’s a demon. 
He’s Death. 
He’s her one-hundredth kill. 

And not even love is enough to stay her hand if it comes down to saving the world…or saving the man she used to love.

"I’m not going to kill you because I hate you. I’ll kill you because I love you…and I know that it’s what the old you would’ve wanted.”
I ran the back of my hand down the side of her face. “You know nothing of what I want.”

Love and hate wage war as both sides – Never Dark realm and Underworld – fight for domination. Violet must decide what she is fighting for, and what she wants, before it’s too late…for everyone.

A gripping tale of love found, lost, and reclaimed, Dark Wings provides readers with an irresistible world of action and raw desire.

Take flight today and join the fray!

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