Sunday, 21 July 2013

Quick Picks: Acid by Emma Pass

By Emma Pass

Rating: 5

'"You thought you'd pick on some poor defenceless girl?"
"I'm - sorry -"
"You will be."'

She's out for revenge.
She's on the run.
She's their worst fear.

She's the key to ACID's destruction.

But as evil as ACID are, they hold the key to Jenna Strong's past...secrets that have been locked away, secrets that could change everything Jenna thinks she knows. In a race against the clock, Jenna must bring down ACID and their hold on her world before it's too late, whilst managing to uncover the truth about why she's being hunted. 

Why she has blood on her hands. And why she is so highly coveted by both sides of a war that threatens to tear society at its seams.

She's Jenna Strong. And she's coming for you.

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