Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Noble Prize ~ Ana Bastow's 'Hypothesis'

Hypothesis (Hekapolis Trilogy #1)  
By Ana Bastow 

Rating: 4.7

"I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul...'

My thoughts on the book

The story of Gabrielle Bridge is a winning combination of fantasy elements and brilliantly executed humour.

The highlight of this book for me, was the rawness - the way the situations the story was comprised of felt real, and lacked the forced nature of many YA stories one comes across today. Gabrielle is a charming, geeky heroine, who is extremely easy to relate to.

Yet the real highlight of this book was William.

William brought entertainment to every single page he appeared on. Especially with his ability to get on our heroine's nerves:

'"We've already determined that you need a boyfriend. Given the circumstances, if you are really this desperate, then I'll just have to sacrifice myself for the cause."

I (Gabrielle) gaped at him.'

But the best character - or should I say characters - were Gabe, Brie, and Elle.

These 'voices, or 'alter egos' of Gabrielle's elevated the storyline and added complexity to Hypothesis' heroine. They present the good, bad and the ugly of Gabrielle - reflecting her flaws and assets and helping to 'flesh her out' as a character. It was like watching a movie with three voice-overs, each one sporting a different personality. They definitely made for quite the fun reading experience, with their indignant exclamations and aversion to The Flintstones-esque treatment of women!

Ana Bastow gives readers real characters with real troubles, submerged in a dangerous and thrilling adventure.

I highly recommend giving Hypothesis a read. From its unique concepts (e.g. memory photography, which I would love to have!) to its ability to make you smile, Hypothesis is a YA treat for lovers of fantasy :)

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