Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How to Get Over Your Ex by Nikki Logan Review

How to Get Over Your Ex 
By Nikki Logan

Rating: 4.2

'It dawned on her in realisation as blazing as Cappadocia's sunrise that her way just wouldn't include Zander Rush. He'd come into her life bearing the gifts she needed to find herself again. Perhaps his cosmic role was now complete and the last twenty-four hours were just the most amazing swansong.'

Lessons on love and living are plentiful in a romance novel that teaches female readers the importance of self love.

My thoughts on the book:

True, this book projects the image of 'romantic' love - from its cutesy book cover, to its chick flick movie-worthy title. But looks can be deceiving. How To Get Over Your Exshould be re-named How To Stop Letting Men Rule Your Life, or, How To Start Living Your Life Anew. Either of those would better express the unique angle on romance this book has to offer.

Because, as this book points out, how can we begin to love others (and establish lasting relationships) without first knowing and loving who we are? 

Our female protagonist starts off on rocky ground - unsure, loveless, saddened. And I'll admit, I thought the general storyline to be a little cheesy at first. But it gradually built up to become something much rawer than I expected. The female protagonist, Georgia, ends up realising who she is, and more importantly, what she wants. And in that typical NA/YA scene where the guy begs for her to give him a chance, Georgia shines. She stands up and refuses to back down. She had standards, dreams, desires. And she isn't letting him steamroller over her.

"I'm not negotiating, Zander, I'm explaining. I'm telling you why I'm choosing nothing, because everything is not on the cards with you."

The ending was slightly predictable. But hey - I can appreciate a happy ending just as much as the next female! I'm just glad that Georgia got her happy ending on her own terms. She didn't cave. She didn't change herself to win the guy. She didn't wallow. She thrived and won what she wanted, how she wanted it. 

So if you've got an ex book boyfriend (or, you know, a real ex boyfriend)...or you just want to experience a great book, I recommend taking a look at How To Get Over Your Ex. Hopefully you'll find it just as refreshing as I did :)

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