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2015 Debut Authors Bash ~ Stefanie Lyons

Hey all! Welcome to this year's annual Debut Authors Bash.

The Debut Authors Bash is an event that YA Reads started in 2013. This is an event to promote debut authors through reviews, guest posts, interviews, promo posts, etc. This year's Bash runs from December 1st through December 15th. 

The author I will be featuring today is the lovely Stefanie Lyons!

Stefanie Lyons is the acclaimed author of Dating Down, a contemporary romance novel told in scenes and bursts of poetry that create a story filled with hurt, healing, and hope.

Remember your mom saying you weren't old enough to wear makeup or that you had to be home by a certain time because nothing good happens after midnight?   

Well, those are the moments Stefanie pretty much spends all her time daydreaming about. She grew up in a small town in Kansas and now lives in Chicago. However, no matter where she is, she's perpetually cruising the Square, crushing on boys, organizing her locker, practicing her clarinet, or getting ready for prom. In her head, that is! Because her teen years were great.  

A few other things about Stefanie: she received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts where she met some of her favorite people ever—who also happen to be perpetual teenagers. She's a big fan of faraway places, aimless wandering, and adventures that only happen when you daydream. Oh, and she loves Twizzlers. Who doesn’t?

Want to learn more about Stefanie and her books? Read on for my Top Fives interview...

Top Fives Interview

Q: What are five facts about you people might be surprised to learn?  

Stefanie: I’m a huge fan of Twizzlers.
I love to create themes for holidays.
I have a massive collection of .28 pens.  
I’m obsessed with Audubon drawings.
I can play the Theremin.

Q: What are your top five poems to read?  

Stefanie(Okay, I can’t just give you five, but I’ve narrowed it down to six!)  
Sharon Olds, "The One Girl at the Boys Party".
Gwendolyn Brooks, “We Real Cool”.
Emily Dickinson, “After great pain, a formal feeling comes”.
Anne Sexton, “Young”.
Christian Morgenstern “The Midnight Mouse”.
A. Wanjiku H. Reynolds, “Rock candy”.

Q: What are your top five fictional bad boys?  

StefanieHolden Caulfield in THE CATCHER IN THE RYE.
John Bender in “The Breakfast Club”.
Gilbert Blythe in ANNE OF GREEN GABLES.
Kiriel / Shaun REPOSSESSED.

Q: What are your top five chick flicks?  

StefanieWhen Harry Met Sally.
Pretty in Pink.
Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Q: What are your top five pet peeves?  

StefanieBeing late.  
Being cold.  
Humidity (I have naturally frizzy hair).
Having to wake up early for any reason.  
Slow Internet connection.  

Q: What are your top five places to read?  

StefanieIn bed.  
My Papa Bear chair.  
In flight. (preferably en route to somewhere super far)  
The blue, leather loveseat at the top of the stairs in my childhood home.  
The outskirts of St. John, Kansas at a place I dubbed Walden when I was a kid.  

Q: What are your top five quotes or lines from Dating Down?  

Stefanie: 'I will call him X. / X / for the reasons I’ve crossed him out of my life.'
'Essence of java teases the air like forbidden fruit.'
'How big is big? / And when it hits my heart / will it explode?'
'we kiss goodbye / slow and sweet. / It burns a little / just like homemade tamales.'  
'Like a bird unable to fly / or balloons caught in a tree / time turns.'

A big thank you to Stefanie Lyons for taking the time to answer these questions!

You can connect with Stefanie via her websiteTwitter, or Instagram.

Enjoying the 2015 Debut Authors Bash? 

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