Friday, 6 April 2012

Angel Fire (#2) LA Weatherly

Angel Fire (Book #2)
LA Weatherly

Rating: 4.9

How to sum up this book and my feelings for/on it in 10 dot points:

1 - It was SO CUTE!
2 - I love Alex but I also love Seb
3 - Mexico is awesome
4 - I admire the kind of heroine Willow is (she thinks things through, acts selflessly, is so REAL you could almost imagine meeting her at school or something!)
5 - I love the plot, with the angels taking over the earth and the angel fighting and kick-ass action (come on; really, who ISN'T a fan of kick-ass action?!)
6 - Querida is my new fave word! Especially when hot Mexican guys call you it whilst giving you aura colour-changing lessons...whilst eating choc-chip cookies.
7 - My new fave quote is: 

“Querida, it's alright," he said. "No one has hurt me in years." 
"Hey, you're supposed to be my brother," I said, trying to joke. "Brother's don't hold their sisters' hands or call them querida." 

Seb smiled, his hazel eyes starting to dance. "Yes, they do," he said. "This happens all the time." 
"Well I guess things are different in Mexico then," I said. "Because in America, no way. And I'm an American." 

"But you're in Mexico now," he pointed out. 
"Right. And you're saying here, boys holds hands with their sisters and call them sweetheart." 

"Oh yes. We're very friendly, we Mexicans.”

(My notes: mexicans are very friendly. Beware!!)

8 - Angel killers do not like half angels (insert big DUH right here). DUH!
9 - Guys have hormonal issues too. They get headaches, throw up, throw tantrums, get jealous over nothing and then - when you're in mortal danger or running for your life - decide that they were total idiots and they need to ask for your forgiveness in the middle of a WAR ZONE. Seriously. Time issues too?!
10 - Love will always find a way

I loved this series so far and I can't wait for the next book Angel Fever!!!!:D

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