Friday, 6 April 2012

Tomorrow Land Review

Tomorrow Land
Mari Mancusi

Rating: 5

So, so, so, so, GOOD!!

In a Dystopian future our world is a brilliant place, with a tech-savvy generation keen on living their lives care-free and enjoying the freedom in this new day and age. Peyton Anderson's life is perfect - she has the perfect boyfriend and cool friends...though there's also an annoying Chris Parker, resident geek, who does not know when to give up on his endless 'wooing of Peyton' who he calls 'his goddess'. 

Like a movie character in a film enjoying the last days of a warm summer, Peyton soaks up the emotions of a normal teenager...whose dad believes in the apocalypse. Seriously. As if the world was going to end suddenly and we'd all be in fear of our lives..I mean, come on!

That is, until one day, it does.

Years later, Peyton emerges from her father's pre-prepared shelter when the timelock clicks open. But this time, she's not the air-headed teenager shooting hoops in her backyard. She's a skilled fighter with a mission in a world where 'Others' - zombie like creatures - roam everywhere, infecting the few people who have survived. And she gets the shock of her life when she discovers who else survived.

None other than Chris Parker (who has suddenly filled out and his extremely good-looking...coincidently!)

Together, they must put their differences - and grudges - aside if they are to survive. But Peyton's time is running out and Chris has secrets of his own. Will she stand by the boy she once cared for secretly - and will he stand by her? Or will their past deepen the divide between them?

I loved it - from beginning to end. The characters are the kind that you want to hug, laugh with and invite over to your house to watch Harry Potter re-runs. The jokes are good, Chris is cute as - a combination between bad-ass, gangster and the shy quiet guy next door - and the kids are adorable. It really puts humaness - yes, yes, it's not a word - into perspective and how human ambition can sometimes be over ambitious! In other words, sometimes what we dream of accomplishing in order to do 'good', will really create disharmony...sometimes we don't see the effects of our actions (*cough* Peyton's dad!)

A must read.

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