Friday, 6 April 2012

My (Fair) Godmother Review

My FAIR Godmother 
Janette Rallison

Rating: 5++
I give it: The Booknut FUNNY Award - for making me laugh all the way through!

Lessons to be learnt?

1.) Be super, duper careful what you wish for and HOW you word your wish!
2.) Don't make superficial wishes...they backfire
3.) If you call your FAIR godmother's name and she doesn't answer, odds are she's on a eight-month long shopping spree
4.) Computer gremlins? They're real.
5.) Shampoos kills ogres
6.) Snow White is not too bright
7.) The dwarves are probably names after Snow White's traits...not theirs!
8.) Wizards are weird
9.) Goats are evil
10.) Godmothers wear sunnies and go to proms
11.) Sisters aren't all wicked
12.) The Middle Ages is NOT pro-women's rights
13.) Snakes and toads are signs of lying
14.) Kisses are magical
15.) Your prince charming may be right before your eyes!

Loved, loved, loved (x100) this book! Chick lit mixed with Ella Enchanted (the whole mixed-up fairytale part!) = a roller-coaster ride, mixing traditional fairytales with the 21st century!!!!:D

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