Friday, 6 April 2012

Angel (Maximum Ride #7) Review

James Patterson

Rating: 1.5

A big disappointment.

Let me just say, I loved the series in general - the whole concept of 'Avian Americans', the humour, the characters and the plot. But after Fang's horrible finish, I was left speechless. The series spiralled downhill for me, from Dylan, to worse plots, to NO plot, to MORE evil scientists, to MORE psychotic people to Fang having his own stupid flock, etc. 

It was like watching Gone With the Wind having a book #7/8 and Rhett and Scarlett breaking up AGAIN and there's a war RUINS it! It wasn't funny, Dylan sucks and is SUCH a loser, Fang sucks too, Max is no longer strong and independent but "OMG my boyfriend dumped me and Dylan loves me, Angel's my BFF and the world needs saving but I seem to have a permanent case of PMS!"

Max. Never. Cries. Or spaces out. Or lets other guys kiss her for no reason. The Max I knew would have punched Dylan, won Fang back and saved the world. It should have ended BEFORE Fang left. Happily Ever After, THE END!!! Do not continue a series and make it as lame as this.

And not to mention the series STILL isn't over! 

(My use of Caps Lock should be sufficient int getting my feelings across!)

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