Saturday, 19 May 2012

Quick Pick: Fey Fiction

STOLEN AWAY by Alyxandra Harvey
Rating: 4

'“You were at the party on Friday night, weren't you?" I didn't mentioned I'd followed him into the woods.

He leaned back in his chair, his legs sprawled out. His boots nudged the bottom ruffle of my skirt. "Aye."
Aye? Seriously? Could he be any hotter? 

Unless he had been looking for his girlfriend at the party.
Not hot.
"I was supposed to meet my cousin," he elaborated, "but I didn't find her,"

Hot again.'

Full of Fae action, good vs evil, dangerous quests and Fae guys, this book has it all - from the quirky friends of Eloise Hart and the hilarious one liners, to the pure conviction this girl has in what she believes is right. She may look shy and a little bit left of centre with her artsy tops, red lipstick and flowers in her hair, but you don't want to mess with Eloise Hart - Fey or not!!

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