Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey REVIEW


Wow! From eye-catching and intensely beautiful front cover, as well as an engaging title, to an emotion-heightened and deeply moving finish, Shattered Souls is one of a kind. It explores so many areas of thought - what does it mean to be different, how does one face one's fears, how does one live for the sake of now, what is love worth and how do we discover who we are? 

Lenzi - or, as she hates to be called, Rose - has lived a terrible life for a teenager. When he father died, leaving this world behind due to his mental instability, Lenzi started hearing voices. Voices that begged, pleaded, urged, scolded, yelled and screamed at her at the most inconvenient of times. In the fear she would end up like her father, Lenzi takes her medication and tries to live a normal life, not letting anyone know what is really going on inside. Because, in the 21st century - or in ANY century - hearing voices is NOT a good thing.

When Lenzi's seventeenth birthday goes haywire, she decides to visit the graveyard in an attempt to gain some closure. Instead, she meets Alden. Handsome, winsome and kind, he is unlike anyone Lenzi has ever known. He knows about the voices. He knows why she hears them. He knows how to help her. 

But more than that, he knows her. 

Because Lenzi - Rose - is a Speaker. And she has lived many, many lives. Each time she has been 'reincarnated' (for want of a better word) and each and every time her partner, in her job of dealing with ghosts and spirits, is Alden. Her Protector. But something went wrong. Lenzi has been missing for a century and to top it all off, all her memories of her past lives are gone. Feeling inadequate, frustrated and afraid, Lenzi had no choice but to take on the role she cannot remember having. But dealing with spirits is no picnic.

Especially one Malevolent; one of the most evil kinds of spirits there is. This Malevolent and Lenzi have a history, and it will stop at nothing to do away with her once and for all. Lenzi is torn between wishing for a life she cannot have, dealing with this one and struggling to remember all the ones she supposedly had. Not to mention that Alden affects her unlike anyone she's ever known. But does he love her? Or is he in love with Rose - a part of Lenzi's self she no longer recalls?

Full of paranormal activity, thriller-like happenings, kick-ass action and a love that transcends time, Shatter Souls will have you stepping from your world into one that will steal your soul away!


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