Friday, 3 August 2012

Addictive and Powerful: Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits
By Katie McGarry


A tale of two teenagers.
A tale of loss and overwhelming sorrow.
A tale of insomnia and denial.
A tale of finding strength and defying reason.

Echo and Noah. Two teenagers with stuffed up lives, who struggle to hold the pieces of their worlds together with no guidance, alone, in a world where they're viewed as strange by those around them. Echo fights to recall the night her world changed; when she awoke in a hospital with jagged scars down her arms and no memory of anything. Noah fights to hold onto his brothers, his only family, when everyone and everything seems to want to take them away from him. Both of them have so much going on under the surface. More than either of them would guess about the other.

The unlikeliest of acquaintances, they turn into the unlikeliest of allies - helping each other find 'normal'...a place where none of the mess their lives have become seems to matter. They bring out the best in one another, but are they hurting or helping one another? Can they get back the lives they once had...or do they really want to?

Raw, powerful, addictive and heartbreaking, Pushing the Limits takes you on such a journey - you feel so much for these poor characters who have so much to deal with. From the very first page, you're already feeling the pressure that Echo goes through, and until the last page, Noah's underlying honesty and integrity are sensed. Two wonderful characters in one spectacular novel.

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