Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Undercover, Under pressure and Underestimated - Digit's On the Case!

A Girl Named Digit
Annabel Monaghan


Normal girls watch TV shows and think "Gosh, he is such a babe," or "WHAT is she thinking?! Mauve top with that skirt - nuh uh!" 

Normal girls don't let their attention stray, and they certainly don't use their genius Maths-wired brain to play with a set of numbers that just so happen to appear in the corner of the screen. 

And normal girls definitely don't end up decoding a secret terrorist message - a message that becomes reality when JFK airport is bombed.

But then again...Digit isn't normal. With the birth name of Farrah (don't smirk), Digit has always been the class nerd. The Maths geek. The 'yep she's totally memorised the textbook' kinda gal. But just as she's managed to 'fit in', Digit's world goes topsy-turvy when her innocent number-play games expose a set of crimes that could very well put her, and many others, in danger. Working with secret agents - one named John Bennet in particular (nope, not related to Lizzie) - Digit has to set the score straight; crossing her fingers that she is the only genius in the equation.

Best quotes:

- "The stench that surrounded me suggested that the tarp over my face had been previously used either to transport fertiliser or as toilet paper."
- "Sorry," he said, kissing me lightly once more and brushing my hair from my face. I'd never seen a less sorry person in my life.
- "Her safety is my utmost concern as well..." John started.
"You have no idea," Mr Bennet said under his breath. John ignored him.
- "I got home from the FBi that day, put on my pajamas got a pint of Chunky Monkey, and watched 'The Notebook'. Five times. Everyone left me alone. I suspect they were a little afraid of me. I went up to my room and listened to Taylor Swift's 'White Horse' on replay, knowing she was the only person in the world who could relate.

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