Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Team Edward? Team Jacob? NO! TEAM HUMAN!!

Team Human


When you live in a city that is a combination of vamps and humans, it makes sense that you'd have to overlook a few things.

Teenagers that met Napoleon. 
Blood in cups with pink straws and perhaps an umbrella.
Vampires on everlasting diets that could put a cheerleader to shame.
Skin that feels like the waters in which the Titanic sunk.

But there is one thing that cannot - repeat, CANNOT be overlooked. And that is the biggest rule of them all:

#1: Never, EVER - double-dog-swear-never - allow your friend to date a vampire.

They're not 'all that' - they are not brooding, poetic, 'Team Edward' replicas that waltz through the corridors like they wear rollerblades and have a fan behind them to make their hair go all Pantene-ad crazy. But when Mel's best friend Cathy falls for Francis, the new vamp in school, Mel goes to any means to get him out of both their lives. (Note: She doesn't try strings of garlic or salt. Weird.) And she consoles herself with the thought that Cathy is not in love with him.

Until the day Cathy tells Mel she's in love with Francis. For real.

Double-trouble, mystery, vampire humour, sunny beaches, volleyball, waltzing, ballads and immortal drama are brought to life in this cute and funny take on the craze that has hit our kind. So pick a side - support Team Human and all normal, living and respiring guys everywhere!! 

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