Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fangtastic - Blood Fever (The Watchers #3)

Blood Fever
By Veronica Wolff

Rating: 4.6

"They don't know what I do."
"Which is?"
"That in the body of a wee blond spitfire lies the heart of a warrior."

Drew's in the thick of it this time - girls at the Isle of Night are dropping like flies...turning up dead, maimed or at the bottom of jagged cliffs. Someone on the Isle is a killer. Someone is after blood.

Everything seems to point to Carden McCloud, the new vampire Drew managed to save from imprisonment - but Drew can't bring herself to believe that the roguish, charming Scot has anything to do with this. She's pinning her bets on the suave and deadly Alcántara, whose every glance turns her blood cold. 

And as for the others? Well, half the girls at the Isle have one suspect: Drew herself.

One thing's for sure - Drew's going to need more than a few shuriken to get her out of this one.

Fast-paced and laced with poisonous magnetism, 'Blood Fever' will have you sucked in until the last page.

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