Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fracturing Your Mind ~ A Fractured Light Review

A Fractured Light (A Beautiful Dark #2)
By Jocelyn Davies

Rating: 3

I am always torn. Between control and chaos; passion and tranquility. Between what's fated and what I want. Part of me longs to take the plunge, to dive off headfirst and let the feeling of control evaporate on the wind. And part of me wants to be in a place where I'd never have to worry about that choice - or any choice. Where peace and calm are the only things I'd feel.”

This. Book. Messes. With. Your. Mind!

It makes you want to start smashing things with keytars, like so:

It's like there is a criteria for How to Mess With Your Reader's Minds and Make Them Lose It.

I bet it's a guide, handed out to authors at their little secret midnight gatherings. The criteria for total reader breakdown is as follows:

  • The heroine is torn. 
  • There's two hot guys. 
  • The heroine has to decide between them. 
  • She never listens to anyone.
  • Even when they give lifesaving advice.
  • She will then proceed to screw everything up.
  • End with a well-placed and anti-climatic cliffhanger.

But I say - no! No, I won't stand for this!

I refuse to be messed with! I mean, sure, being a highly emotional wreck of a fangirl can be entertaining - mainly for others. But a book should do more than simply cause readers a mental breakdown!

This book can be summed up in three words: 

  • Cheesy(ness) 
  • Tension 
  • Facepalm(s)

I'll admit - some parts were good. Some parts were engaging, and helped elevate the rest of the novel. 

But even though these parts were cute with ok concepts, most of it was simply about a girl who needs therapy and needs to get her priorities in life straight. 

Because when they tell you not to talk to the damn guy - who may or may not be evil - you don't talk to him, okay?!!

This book teaches females not to follow this heroine's example on how to survive immediate death. And to not talk to strangers. 

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