Saturday, 3 November 2012

The List by Siobhan Vivian Review

The List
By Siobhan Vivian

Rating: 4.5

That's how inside jokes usually are. Funny to those inside, annoying as shit to the rest of the world.” 

8 spots.
8 girls.
8 different stories.
8 lives which will never be the same.

All because of The List. Stating the names of the Prettiest and Ugliest girls in highschool, it's can ruin you or make you popular beyond your wildest dreams. No one knows who decides who goes on. No one knows who types it up. All they know is that The List holds the power to change your life.

For Abby Warner, Lauren Finn, Bridget Honeycutt and Margo Gable, their year will be one of instant popularity...but all is not sunshine. Dealing with sibling drama, the pressures of fitting in, dieting and keeping face, these girls will have to pull out the claws to stay on top.

For Danielle Demarco, Candace Kincaid, Sarah Singer and Jennifer Briggis, their year will be one big challenge - they'll face ridicule, the stamp of 'social outcast-ment', lost friendships, lost relationships and the social stigmas attached to being 'ugly'.

'The List' really puts into perspective what beauty is. How we perceive it. How hard we strive to get it. And how pointless measuring it is.

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