Monday, 11 February 2013

Just Breathe ~ Ten Tiny Breaths Review

Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths #1)
By K.A. Tucker

Rating: 4.2

I want to make you smile. For real. Always. We're going to go for dinners, and see movies, and walk on the beach. We'll go hang-gliding, or bungee jumping, or whatever you want to do. Whatever makes you smile and laugh more. Let me make you smile.”

Just breathe. Ten tiny breaths...Seize them...

Feel them...

Love them.

Kacey's running away from home.
From her past.
And from herself.

Miami means a fresh start for Kacey and her sister Livie. Whilst Livie embraces the chance to have a normal life, going to school and mingling with their new neighbours Storm and Mia (a single mother and her adorable little daughter), Kacey does what she does best.

Shutting everyone out.

It's easier than it sounds. Avoid eye contact. Don't get attached. Knock down any repeat offenders with sarcastic comments. Slam doors. Refuse invitations. Scowl. Kacey's gotten very good at erecting titanium walls around her, shutting everyone out in order to hide the mess she's become.

Because although she may have physically recovered from the tragic event that ruined her life - and her family - emotionally, Kacey's a wreck. Missing a family that's gone, friends that she'll never talk to again and a life free of defensiveness and isolation, Kacey makes a fatal slip when she stumbles across Trent...the very good-looking, charismatic and sweet guy with a wicked sense of humour who lives across the way from her and Livie. 

Her biggest slip? Laughing with him. Losing herself in his eyes. Talking to him. Having anything to with him...falling for him.

Can Trent truly love someone as broken as Kacey? Can Kacey put her past behind her and find happiness?

Or will both their pasts catch up with them and send them both spiralling under?

Hold your breath...and take the plunge.

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