Sunday, 5 May 2013

Myth & Madness ~ Vengeance Bound Review

Vengeance Bound
By Justina Ireland

Rating: 5+

'Silver chains encircle my arms, leading back to Them and binding us together. My vision splits in three, seeing what They see too. It's like looking at a dressing room mirror, each image slightly different.

Tisiphone's vision is bright colors and a flash of images as she reads his past crimes. Megaera's is cast in red, heat vision more than anything. She sees the pain of his past victims clinging to him. I can see only what is in front of me, but my weakness isn't a hindrance.

Three is the right number. Now we are complete.'

Privacy is hard to come by when you're sharing the inside of your head with two other people.

But Cory Graff's 'mindmates' aren't just figments of her imagination. Cory's mind houses the Furies - the hawk and the serpent - whom she has little control over. Constantly fighting against their bloodlust and thirst for vengeance, Cory seeks a way out of the desperate deal she made as a child...a way to be separated from her 'sisters' who are bound to get her discovered - or, worse, killed.

The hand of justice can be swift. But the hand of love is all the more dangerous.

Niko is unlike anyone Cory has ever met. Though drawn to him, Cory knows that nothing can come of this attraction. After all - she's a monster. She rules the night, bringing those who have committed crimes to their knees and ending their lives with the Furies egging her on. But the Furies are just as curious about Niko as Cory is. One thing is for sure - he is more than he seems.

The fight is on. 

The mind is a battlefield, stained with the blood of murderers, thieves and villains. And Cory wants to end the war on her own terms. 

But when the chance to bring down the one man who ruined her past - her family and her life - arises, can Cory resist the lure? Can she make the choice between vengeance and justice before it's too late?

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