Friday, 31 May 2013

Confessions ~ A Playlist

Because I have nothing else to do with my time - and I was bored of watching Pretty Little Liars re-runs - I decided to compile together a playlist for one of my favourite YA series. 

So here it is...the not-so finished playlist for the Confessions series by Lousie Rozett!

For Rose and Jamie:
- Jekyll & Hyde by Plumb
- Arithmetic by Brooke Fraser
- Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles
- All You Ever by Hunter Hayes
- Treacherous by Taylor Swift
- Impossible by James Arthur
- Rainy Season by Hunter Hayes
- In Case by Demi Lovato
- More Than I Should by Hunter Hayes
- Poison and Wine by the Civil Wars
- Holding On And Letting Go by Ross Copperman

For Rose:
- Echo by Jason Walker
- Fire Starter by Demi Lovato
- All Cried Out by Kree Harrison
- Out from Under by Joanna Pacitti
- Lonely by Christina Perri


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