Friday, 10 May 2013

Dare You To ~ ARC Review

Dare You To (Pushing The Limits #2)
By Katie McGarry

Rating: 5

"Dammit, Beth! Stop running from me!"

My pulse hammers through my body. She's been running from me from the moment I met her. Not matter how hard I try to hold on to her, she finds a way to slip out of my grasp.

Not anymore. Not today.'

Dare you to make a move...

Ryan Stone and his friends are notorious for their crazy dares. The higher the stakes, the better the game. And no one enjoys the dares more than Ryan, the town's leading baseball jock and golden boy. He's competitive to a fault - losing is never an option. 

Until the day he loses a dare. And that bad-ass chick with the black hair and piercings is to blame. One thing's for sure - Skater Girl's going down.

Dare you to take a stand...

Beth Risk's surname should be warning enough. Her life is like the lyrics to a Marilyn Manson in the flesh. With her pathetic addict mother, her mother's druggie boyfriend and the gritty, dangerous environment of the trailer park weighing upon her, Beth ends up in a situation she'd rather not be in. She's left with no other option then to move in with her baseball star uncle. 

But some things can't be escaped no matter how far or fast you run. Like the past.

Dare you to give in...

Ryan gets the shock of his life to find out that Bulitt County High's newest student, Beth Risk, is not only the niece of his sport idol, but also the Skater Girl who he hasn't been able to shake from his mind since the failed dare. Determined to win the dare once and for all, Ryan does everything in his power to get close to Beth and to befriend her. 

But as he begins to see the girl behind the tough facade, all thoughts of the dare leave his mind. The only dare he's interested in is the one to win Beth's heart. Except, in this dare, Ryan may have just met his match.

Dare you to open up...

Haunted by memories she can't forget, Beth doesn't want roots - doesn't want to settle down, doesn't want to start afresh. Befriending anyone would risk her independence. It would ruin everything she's worked for. But something inside of her rebels. Something kickstarts within her when she sees Ryan. 

A part of her wants to give in. But if she falls, will he catch her? Or will Ryan let her down like everyone else she's ever loved?

Dare you to love...

The unlikeliest of allies. The unlikeliest of friends. The unlikeliest of loves. 

Beth and Ryan will have to defy all odds to be together and to make things work. What starts as a dare slowly evolves into the most bittersweet of battles - the boy with the big heart and fierce will, versus the girl with the girl with the torn heart and fiery temper. 

Place your bets. Roll the dice. Take the leap. Take the chance.

Come on; I dare you to.

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