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Fireblood by Trisha Wolfe ~ ARC Review

Fireblood (Fireblood #1)
By Trisha Wolfe

Rating: 5+

'Just over four weeks ago, Prince Sebastian announced his intention to find a maiden to wed. As he's only nineteen, all assumed this was a move toward him taking the throne. A wife would mature him in the eyes of Karm.

The news had spread through the realm like wildfire. Or, how I imagine a wildfire would spread and consume if it were allowed. Every girl of age had gone into a frenzy. Hadley had talked about it nearly every day.

Not me. I watched my father wither.

The force field may imprison Karm, but Prince Sebastian has imprisoned me. I'm trapped in a prison within a prison.'

Becoming the prince's betrothed is an honour. An honour Zara would rather do without.

Out of all the eligible girls in Karm, Zara Dane is chosen to marry Prince Sebastian Hart. The news would be the cause of much celebration and joy to most girls, Zara's best friend Hadley included. But being told she's to be wed to the son of the man who ordered her father’s capture is a terrible sentence which Zara has no wish to see out. 

Prince Sebastian may have staked his claim. He may have have admitted to all of Karm that Zara belongs to him. But Zara belongs to no one but herself, and she will find a way to fulfil her father's final plea, no matter the cost: "Please, Zara. Do what you must to escape."

And escape she must.

Camelot was a dream, a fiction. Karm is real, and not at all perfect.

Trapped behind the towering stone walls of the Camelot-forged realm, Zara's days are filled with warding off the prince's unwanted advances and attending dull functions she has no desire to be apart of. No privacy is to be had, with guards forever lurking over her shoulder - especially with the prince's first knight, Sir Devlan Capra, constantly by her side. 

His shrewd mind and ability to sense Zara's inner turmoil make him a force to be reckoned with, and Zara cannot afford to have him foil her plans of escape. Nor can she afford to let her guard down, no matter how kind and honourable she may find him.

Everyone has secrets. Sometimes, they're even what keeps people who they are.

As the days pass, Zara begins to uncover the true foundations of King Hart's twisted rule - deception, convoluted plans and fickle agendas are the building stones of a world that is being torn apart from both ends. Suddenly no one is who they seem. Warring emotions plague Zara, as she is forced to make the ultimate choice: her freedom, or the realm's. To flee, or to join the Rebels and overthrow Hart once and for all.

But deception is a two way street.

The Rebels need Zara - she's their key to Hart, through his son. If Zara can sway Sebastian to aid the Rebels, victory will be theirs. They will able to save Zara's father, and the families of others who have been taken. 

As the wedding looms closer, Zara's time is running is Sebastian's. Because if she can't convince him, then he is the only thing standing in the Rebel's way. And they will have no choice but to take him out along with his father. 

Is Sebastian his father's son? Or is he the kind of ruler Karm, and the Rebels, need him to be?

Forces, fates and hearts collide in a tale that will sweep readers off their feet.

Trisha Wolfe's vivid and breathtaking story and its magical mix of dystopian elements, court intrigue, underground networks, fiery romance and, of course, the spectacular twist at it's conclusion, is a must-read this December. Accompany Zara on her journey and be amazed by the engaging nature of her tale, and the charming collection of characters you will meet along the way.

Join the fray. And fight for what truly makes us human - our freedom.

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