Sunday, 29 December 2013

Back Down The Rabbit Hole ~ Unhinged by AG Howard ARC Review

Unhinged (Splintered #2) 
By A.G. Howard

Rating: 5

'My heart falls into my feet.

Not even the familiar scents of paint, chalk dust, and plaster can comfort me when I see the scene taking shape: a Red Queen on a murderous rampage in a bleak and crumbling Wonderland.

Just like my most recent dreams...

I smooth the cloth back into place, unwilling to acknowledge what the imagery might mean. It's easier to hide from it.'

Alyssa may have finished with Wonderland. But it hasn't finished with her.

When Alyssa chose the human world over Wonderland, she thought all her troubles were behind her. That her connections to that maddening, enticing and dangerous world would fade over time.

But she was wrong.

Wonderland is slowly seeping through the cracks. Figures from her adventures there appear in her artworks, and materialise in her dreams. And the roguish Morpheus isn't ready to let Alyssa go just yet...not when the fate of Wonderland is on the line.

Hold onto your heads. Because the Red Queen is back.

As the Red Queen plots her revenge on Alyssa, waiting in the shadows for the perfect time to strike, new problems rise to the surface. 

Alyssa's worlds are colliding, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to explain away the appearance of things that shouldn't exist - especially to Jeb, who has yet to recover his memories of his time in Wonderland. And with Morpheus' sudden appearance in the human world, things are about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Can Alyssa find the courage to face her worst fears? Even if it means endangering those she loves?

With her mother holding her back from her destiny, and Morpheus urging her towards it, Alyssa is caught between two worlds, each one relying on her to save it from destruction. 

But at what cost?

A.G. Howard spins a tale so vivid, and so deliciously twisted, that Unhinged is sure to captivate readers across the globe as they enter a world beyond their wildest dreams...and their darkest nightmares.


A big thank you to AG Howard for the chance to read and review an ARC of this amazing book :)

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