Friday, 20 December 2013

Hot Off The Shelf: Ondine ~ An Ondine Quartet Novella

Ondine (Ondine Quartet #0.5)
By Emma Raveling

Rating: 5

'I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved...'

A brilliantly written novella that ties perfectly into the series, Ondine adds a whole new dimension to Kendra's character.

If you thought Kendra was badass haven't seen anything yet! 

Go back to where it all began.

Kendra, sixteen and fearless, is about to up the ante. Taking on a crime ring in the hopes of proving herself once and for all - as both a fighter, and as an ondine - Kendra will face her biggest challenge yet...who to trust. 

Trust is a luxury an ondine cannot afford.

Learn about Kendra's battle to meet her mother's gruelling expectations, and watch as she struggles tries to keep her true identity a secret from the humans around her, whilst fighting for her life.

This is her life. Her choice. And no one's going to take that away from her.

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