Thursday, 19 December 2013

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover ~ ARC Review

Maybe Someday
By Colleen Hoover

Rating: 5

'Me: Don't thank me, Sydney. You shouldn't thank me, because I failed miserably at trying not to fall in love with you.

Sydney: I failed first.'

Music, lyrics and hearts collide in a tale of two people who never meant to fall in love.

Ending up miserable, boyfriend-less, friendless and homeless on her 22nd birthday was not how Sydney Blake pictured her week going. 

But when Ridge Lawson, her guitar-strumming neighbour, offers her a place stay, Sydney accepts. She soon finds herself apart of a motley group of people - forming the unlikeliest of friendships with the roguish Warren, and avoiding the loud rantings of the gorgeous and shrewish Bridgette. 

Ridge is a whole other story.

Unlike her tentative truce with Warren and Bridgette, Sydney's relationship with Ridge flourishes as he presents her with an offer she can't refuse: the chance to write lyrics for one of her fave bands, Sounds of Cedar. 

Ridge is their composer/lyricist, but he's met a writer's block he can't seem to move past. Sydney's lyrics are like a breath of fresh air, opening up new song possibilities and inspiring Ridge to pick up his pen again. She's his muse. And he is the one person she trusts.

But love is a melody that may come out flat.

Because as much as Sydney is attracted to Ridge, and he to her - an attraction that grows steadily by the day - there is just one small problem.

Ridge has a girlfriend. Maggie.

And having been on cheated on, Sydney would never, ever want to hurt someone else the same way she's been hurt. No matter how much Ridge makes her laugh with his pranks, or how beautiful he is when he plays his guitar with his eyes half-closed. 

No matter how deeply she's fallen for him.

Ridge would never hurt Maggie. But by not hurting Maggie, he risks hurting Sydney and watching their friendship slowly crumble.

They're like lyrics and music...but just not meant to be played in the same song.

Coleen Hoover delivers an emotional journey that explores the refrains of the heart...and how sometimes love, just like a tune, can change - rising, falling, clashing and parting in a wave of sweet discord as fate plays out before our eyes.

Maybe not right now. Maybe not tomorrow. But maybe someday.

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