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Inspiring Tales & Characters ~ Guest Post by Library Luv

The best part about blogging is the blogger community. 

Running this blog has given me the chance to meet so many incredible people, including fellow bloggers. 

One of these bloggers is Library Luv.

Library Luv runs Beyond The Book Reviews and is a book blogger of mostly YA fiction. And can I just say that I'm so, so excited to have her on my blog today as a guest blogger!

I hope you all enjoy her post - a truly insightful piece on the types of stories, and characters, that inspire us as readers. And if you like what you read here be sure and check out more of Library Luv's musings and reviews over on her blog!

The types of stories (and characters) that inspire us as readers

~ A guest post by Library Luv ~

Stories and characters come from the imaginations of the writers themselves. Authors would have to have had some inspiration or muse to help them along the way while writing their famous stories. 

However the stories that they end up creating also have this effect on us as readers as well. They not only prove to be entertaining, but end up inspiring our everyday lives in more ways than one. 

I have read many different books over the years. Though I may slowly start to forget some small details of some stories, there will always be the little things that leave you inspired forever. I have collected many quotes and passages that have inspired me a ton.  

I think the first quote to top the list of “Inspiring quotes” would have to be: 
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” (A Dance with Dragons, George R.R Martin). 
This quote in particular allowed me to fully get into reading once again. For many years I had stopped, but then coming across this quote really had changed my mind about reading for the better. It has allowed me to experience so many whimsical adventures all in the comfort of my bed and nook.  

Another quote comes from Splintered, written by A.G. Howard. It’s not only inspiring but makes us readers enter a deeper mindset about life. 
“No one knows what he or she is capable of until things are at their darkest.” (Splintered, A.G. Howard). 
This quote not only speaks the truth, but also gets me thinking about choices that I have had to make in life, and how I handled situations. It is quotes like these that end up having a deeper meaning than just relating or being part of the stories themselves.

I have many more quotes that have left lasting impressions on me mentally, but this will be my last one: 
“I came here looking to finish school quietly. Stay out of trouble. Maybe write some new songs. I never expected you.” (The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things, Ann Aguirre). 
Yes, this passage was made or aimed towards a certain character, but it’s more than true. In life we meet so many new and different people all the time. Only some end up sticking around till the end. The others who leave your life end up shaping you into being a better person. I think I will always hold this quote in the back of my mind when meeting new people, and thinking or wondering how they will end up personally affecting me. 

I have mention three quotes that have affected my life and maybe even yours in more of a mental way, but some quotes or books affect people in more of a physical way.  

The Splintered series by A.G. Howard in particular has sparked my muse or has inspired me in more of an artistic kind of way. This series is a dark wonderland spin-off that generates a lot of ideas for inspiring artists like me.  

Another pro to this book was having two of the main characters into art as well. One quote that particularly sold me on liking Jebediah Holt (one of the female protagonists, love interests) was this passage: 
“He stained each snow-white blossom red until he lost himself within the shadows of his work, and became one with his piece.” (A Moth in the Mirror, A.G. Howard). 
It not only had a deeper meaning because of what he was actually pouring his soul into, but also helps with the realization of an artist’s work. Whatever piece an artist chooses to create, it’s like an extension of his or hers soul. It reflects emotion among other things.

This quote was stuck in my head for months, stirring up different ways I could input into a drawing or sketch. Finally after several months I came up with this:

Splintered series fan art by Library Luv 

Also after I ended up finishing the series I had grown quite an attachment to the characters themselves. The way they were written left quite an impression. So in order to get some emotion out I ended up drawing a character collage:

Splintered character collage by Library Luv

Those are only two of the official drawings I had ever done for a book before, but I have had many rough sketches for characters and settings after first experiencing them in their books. 

Books give inspiration to many readers by allowing them to express themselves in many different ways. Doing drawings or sketches is not the only way I’ve seen readers express their inspired souls. Many end up creating or writing their own fan fiction for their favourite novels; others may even take photographs or edit them to reflect on certain scenes in novels. 

In conclusion, if it wouldn’t be for such amazing authors in the world. We could have ended up living very dull life’s that lacked creativity. Next time you read a quote or passage that leaves some sort of impression on you, be sure to mark it down so you can always look back to it in the future, because you never know, there may come a time when you need a little inspiration or even a little cheering up and this way you can always have a source to fuel your muse. 

Which books have inspired you and in what ways? Let us know in the comments sections below!

About the blogger

Library Luv is a bookworm and a book blogger. 

She loves to read and get lost in many books. She has lived a thousand lives, and sometimes they are even better than reality.

You can connect with Library Luv over on her Twitter page.

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  1. Wonderful post! I loved the collage from the first time I saw it on Twitter. It warns my heart hearing about young people's love of reading and how they gain inspiration from it. That is why I volunteer to help others learn to read. :)


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