Thursday, 27 October 2016

#FriendFavourites ~ Day 1: Maria

Everybody has a list of favourite things.

We tend to use the word favourite a lot - at least, I know I do! Whether I'm fangirling over my 'favourite' characters, books, tv shows, or foods...there is a special VIP status that goes along with the term that's hard to resist.

But what truly makes a favourite special?

For me, it's the unique nature of favourites. They're different for everyone - they reflect diversity and differing opinions. They're an insight into a person's mind, their likes and dislikes, and what makes them them.

The #FriendFavourites tag is about showcasing this unique nature.

These aren't just book recs. These are book portraits - painting a picture of the readers who have grown to love these stories and relate to these characters. Each #FriendFavourites post will look at the why and the who behind each of these incredible books that my fellow bookworms and friends wish to share with you all.

I'm so excited to not only bring some great books into your lives and onto your shelves but to introduce some wonderful personalities to you. Each of these people holds a special place in my heart and my life :)

So without further ado, let's get started!

Today's book recommendation comes from Maria.
(I just couldn't resist the West Side Story reference!!)

Maria is a fashion student...and Mr Darcy's future second wife (or so she says I mean we all know I have dibs!). Maria and I have been friends for years and I just adore her quick wit, kind heart, and stellar taste in fashion and books.

I was super excited when she agreed to be featured on the #FriendFavourites tag and it was so much fun working with her to put together this post. The highlight? Seeing how much Maria connected with the book and how it had impacted her life and shaped her reading style.

Booknut: So if you had to pick a favourite book what would it be?

Maria: favourite book I've read so far in life would have to be The Help by Kathryn Stockett. 'Cause who doesn't love a southern story?!

Booknut: Hahaha agreed! And The Help is a great book. I found I had an immediate connection to it when I first picked it up. What about The Help connected with you?

Maria: I think it connected with me because not only is it a heart warming story, but it's also a story inspired by real events. I love that - it reminds me of the history and the hardships of the real culture, the real people, and life lessons behind the fictional tale. And that's the kind of story I can connect with on a personal level.

Booknut: Those types of stories are definitely the best kind to read. Now I know this is a hard one, but...if you had to pick a favourite part of The Help what would it be?

Maria: Definitely the characters - they're the real reason why I couldn't (and can't!) put this book down. I loved reading the way they were portrayed and the situations they got themselves in. My favourite characters would have to be Aibileen and Minny.

They're the very definition of the term 'girl power'. They are both strong willed, have big hearts and are always pushing together through the hard times. And that's what a good friendship should be - strong and supportive. #WhoRunTheWorldGIRLS!

♥  A big thank you to Maria for her book rec and for stopping by the blog! 

Have you read The Help? Did you connect with it? What is your favourite book and what makes it special to you?

Let me know in the comments below!

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